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Review: “Nemesis” EP by Ruina

Following their May 2019 single “Bad Faith“, Bedfordshire Metallic Hardcore quintet Ruina have resurfaced starting a new chapter with not only a single in the form of “Sickness Forever” which has already clocked up 5000 streams but also a fully fledged EP. That has appeared just 14 days after the bands live debut as they

Riff Police! Pull Over! #78: MSRY Vs Lifetight!

After a pair of weeks where Sacramento Californians Deftones featured as being the influencing factor in tracks by Blood Youth and Darknet, it’s time we went Underground for today’s episode of Riff Police. There’s been way too much Thrash and way too many big names. Apparently. Having said that, there is a big name involved

NEWS: Lock & Key go “Over The Edge”

Another new single from the upcoming pinch and a punch for the first of the month that will be “Death Measure” from Lock & Key has landed. The returning Hardcore crew have landed “Over The Edge” with that 1st November release on the horizon. As if that wasn’t enough, they have a trio of UK

Playthrough: An entire set from Lifetight!

One of our favourite Midlands Hardcore bands Lifetight have released bootleg of a recent show at The Black Heart in Camden, London. While it’s not the best audio quality, the camera is directly above the drum kit so you get the unique opportunity to witness drummer Josh Murphy playthrough the entire set. So if you’re

Riff Police! Pull Over! #22: LIFETIGHT Vs Rage Against The Machine!

There is no doubt that Rage Against The Machine should be considered in the “highly influential” bracket that is reserved for the finest of artists. Their sadly short lived career spanning just 3 albums worth of original material lives long in the memory. Perhaps through Zach De La Rocha’s fiery vocals and perhaps through guitarist

Review: “Self-Tightled” EP by LIFETIGHT

Putting it simply, LIFETIGHT are a hardcore quartet formed from the ashed of Lock & Key with a glowing reputation. Comprising vocalist Thomas Smith, guitarist Danny Reeves and a rhythm section of sticksman Josh Murphy and bassist Elliott Black, the band are loved among their peers, including the likes of South Croydon’s Bad Sign. Add to

Playlist: Fat Lip Fest 2018!

In celebration of a glorious Fat Lip Fest in Bristol this past weekend, here’s a playlist to put the Monday morning blues to bed. All the bands from the Adnams Stage at The Lanes plus, of course the song the event takes its name from! Going since 2013, this years event marked the 5 year

Bootleg: Lifetight In Hull!

London hardcore crew Lifetight are a phenomenal live act and if evidence be needed, look no further than this set filmed at the Avid all dayer at O’Reilly’s in Kingston Upon Hull, which also featured Create To Inspire. The set list includes bangers “Energy” and “Dreams”. Their self-titled EP is out now, the follow-up awaits