Review: “Nemesis” EP by Ruina

Following their May 2019 single “Bad Faith“, Bedfordshire Metallic Hardcore quintet Ruina have resurfaced starting a new chapter with not only a single in the form of “Sickness Forever” which has already clocked up 5000 streams but also a fully fledged EP. That has appeared just 14 days after the bands live debut as they begin to crush stages. Potentially named after the song of the same name by Bleed From Within (we mentioned it previously, they read it and didn’t deny it), here’s our review of “Nemesis“.

One interesting fact about Ruina before we get into the review are that all of the music on their debut EP is written and recorded by vocalist Harvey Lake. So he’s a multi instrumentalist who’s taken the microphone as his weapon of choice when it comes to the live arena. The EP was produced by Ryan Wood at 105mm Studios and while Matt Judd (guitars) and Nick Hall (bass) are named as members of the band, the other two in the promotional shots remain unnamed. So that means that Ruina started out as a solo project that has developed into a full band with a desire to take these songs into the live arena. Amazing what you can get from reading between the lines? Not really. Older and wiser heads would probably go and check out these facts by trying to talk to the band in advance of a review but we can speculate wildly under the “free speech” banner and let the band correct us if they so wish.

Title track and opening cut “Nemesis” is an introduction piece that bursts with 42 seconds of programming and a drum pattern that you might recognise from “Kashmir” by Led Zeppelin (or “Come With Me” by Puff Daddy ft. Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin from the 1998 “Godzilla” movie soundtrack) before “Sickness Forever” kicks in. That first track proper of you like is Metal Edged Hardcore track that speaks of pulling out the knife from your back and rising up to take back control of your own life. In a time where a good percentage of Metal is being dominated by introspective lyrics, it’s good to hear something that rages while also being positive. It’s a contagious sing-a-long bruiser. “Nasty” equally comes out of the gate swinging with a punchy clean crisp drum sound that beefs up the sound while Lake delivers a hiphop style vocal over the crunchy guitar work. The lyrical content needs that style shift in the vocals to get it’s point across and what you’re left with is a the kind of thing you want to hear from Deez Nuts in 2020 and is another instant scratch card winner. “Amongst The Heard” dives back into the heavier sounds vocally with some Hardcore Punk riffs blended into an up tempo and edgy guitar attack. A guest vocal appearance from ex-Lifetight vocalist Thomas Smith is an absolute pleasure and the dark vibe of the chorus is a punch in the face. “Bleigh!” moment? Of course! You can’t go wrong with this if you like you Metallic Hardcore and we look forward to catching them live and to their next recorded outing [8.5/10]

Track listing

  1. Nemesis
  2. Sickness Forever
  3. Nasty
  4. Amongst The Herd (ft. Thomas Smith)

Nemesis” by Ruina is out now.

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