Review: “Phantom Anthem” by August Burns Red

We already had a taste of what the new August Burns Red album would be like with the release of “Invisible Enemy” and it’s brilliant puppet video alongside “Frost”. We are with “Phantom Anthem” greeted by a much more experimental album than I would have expected and it’s an absolute joy. ABR’s Metalcore approach has been upped to the point it’s boardering on tech-metal and DJent. The opening riffage for opener “King Of Sorrow” sets the tone and atmosphere for the entire album as does it’s pummelling closing. There is a real pace to the whole album that barely lets up for a moment and great flow throughout. Nothing sounds out of place. The mellower parts, like the beautiful guitar work in the middle of “Hero of Half Truth” is stunning and well placed adding a movement feeling to the song as does the middle section of “Lifeline”. Clean vocals are present, but kept to a bare minimum. “The Frost” is the most tech-metal musical style that ABR have ever produced and is refreshing as it is unexpected. “Invisible Enemy” then throws us back in with ABR’s trademark massive build ups and 5-6 lead parts¬†not including the solo before pilling in with the breakdowns that take your breath away. “Generations” has a spoken word section that changes the ambience of the song,¬†while “Dangerous” has the most addictive lead riff of the album. Everything has a real energy and verve to it that makes it a very, very good album indeed [5].

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