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NEWS: Fit For A King smash the mirror!

Following his guest appearance on the 10th Anniversary re-recorded version of “Leveller” by August Burns Red, Ryan Kirby returns to his own band for a music video for “Breaking The Mirror“. The cut appears on the Metalcore outfits “The Path” album, out now via Solid State Records. Both bands will hit the road together for

Playthrough: “Cutting The Ties” From August Burns Red!

If you missed guitarist Brent Rambler chats to Alicia Atout from KnotFest about the challenges of re-recording “Leveler” for its 10th Anniversary on Friday then we recommend that you check out that insightful interview! In the meantime, not to be outdone by a partner in crime, August Burns Red drummer Matt Greiner has shown us

Interview: August Burns Red talk “Leveler” 10th Anniversary!

Having re-recorded their 2011 album “Leveler” with a trio of guests in Trivium vocalist and guitarist Matt Heafy, Ryan Kirby of Fit For A King and Periphery guitarist Misha Mansoor in time for its 10th Anniversary, August Burns Red guitarist Brent Rambler chats to Alicia Atout from KnotFest about the challenges of quarantine while coming out stronger, the

NEWS: August Burns Red get lit by Bulb!

Doing something special for each of their anniversaries and really celebrating their rich history is something that August Burns Red have made a habit of an given us the opportunity to witness them taking to the stage and performing our favourite albums in full. So as the 10th Anniversary of “Leveler” approaches, not only will

NEWS: August Burns Red premier re-recorded “Poor Millionaire”!

Having celebrated the 10th Anniversary of each of their albums this far with tours and remixed and remastered records, August Burns Red have gone one step further with “Leveler“. 21st May will see the band share with us a completely re-recorded version of the album with new solos and different tunings produced and mixed by Carson

Review: “Dysphoria” by Termina

We’ve said it before and it remains very true; the year(s) of the Great Plague have meant that there has been the time away from touring for a number of musicians to create new projects and follow up on ideas which may not have come to fruition without that time. One such project is Termina;

NEWS: August Burns Red fly on wax wings?

The recent run of new August Burns Red tracks has had us wondering what they were building up to, if anything and with the release of “Icarus“, Fearless Records have finally come clean about what’s going on. 16th April will see a compilation EP entitled “Guardians Sessions” from the Metalcore outfit released that has two

NEWS: August Burns Red

Keeping things moving while their current album “Guardians” remains un-toured due to… yeah, like you don’t already know… no only have August Burns Red completed an interview with Rock Sound Magazine in which frontman Jake Luhrs answers pretty much any question, but they’ve also dropped a rendition of the theme music for “Westworld” which is

Playthrough: “Bones” from August Burns Red!

Perhaps tired of drummer Matt Greiner taking the limelight, August Burns Red bassist Dustin Davidson has picked up his four string and put down an gauntlet of his own, filmed by Clint Tustin. We’ve mentioned it about a thousand times at this point but November there is a co-headlining tour with Bury Tomorrow, Miss May