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Vs Tuesday: One Song! Two Bands! Who Wins? FIGHT! Omen.

In the aftermath of the tragic death of The Prodigy frontman Keith Flint there has been an outpouring of love for the crossover genre pioneers. They brought together fans of rave and dance music with lovers of Industrial Metal with their own unique style and that has been of influence on many a band. Today’s

NEWS: Ice Nine Kills make the call…

Depicting the classic 80s slasher film phone call with a little help from Sarah Bartholomew, Ice Nine Kills have given us a cheese laiden slice from “The Silver Screaming”, the expanded tapestry of their horror film inspired “The Silver Scream” that will appear on 25th October via Fearless Records. It’s called “You’re Numbers Up”…

NEWS: INK go “Stabbing In The Dark”!

The second of the 5 new cuts to appear on the deluxe version of “The Silver Scream” that will appear from Ice Nine Kills on 25th October via Fearless Records (which may have been retitled “The Silver Screaming (The Final Cut)”) has peered out of a storm drain. The band had remained tight lipped about

NEWS: Varials bring the two punch knockout?

It’s seems as though Varials have done the unthinkable. Having kept us waiting what seems like forever for any follow up to “Pain Again”, they surprise released not one but four songs in a single hit and announced a new album entitled “In Darkness” for 11th October via Fearless Records. No long drawn out single

NEWS: Pennywise loves Ice Nine Kills!

Joined by Will Salazzar of Fenix TX and both JT Wasilewski and Buddy Schaub of Less Than Jake, Connecticut Theatricore men Ice Nine Kills have given us a full 15 minute film as a music video for “IT is the End”, their tribute to Pennywise the dancing clown from Steven King’s IT. 25th October has

Interview: Ice Nine Kills talk to Impericon!

The American Nightmare Tour has Ice Nine Kills burning down houses all over Europe at the moment. They put down the gasoline and matches for a couple of minutes to talk to Impericon about their pre show rituals. The deluxe version of their latest album “The Silver Scream” is slated for 25th October…

Bootleg: Ice Nine Kills in Germany!

Filmed at Lido Berlin Germany on 15th September here are “Merry Axe Mass” and “IT is the End” from Ice Nine Kills on the American Nightmare Tour that will bring them to our shores at the end of the month. A number of dates are now sold out with the deluxe version of “The Silver

NEWS: Ice Nine Kills unplug “Savages”!

The word on the street has been minimal when it comes to what additional songs from will be on “The Silver Scream (Final Cut)” deluxe version of the current Ice Nine Kills album. Though Fearless Records are yet to confirm it, it appears as though this acoustic rendition of “Savages” will be one of the

NEWS: Ice Nine Kills fight the “Savages”!

Sharing a lyric video for “Savages” from current horror film themed album “Silver Scream”, following a now largely sold out European Tour, Ice Nine Kills have lined up a deluxe version of the album, cunningly re-titled “Silver Scream (Final Cut)” for 25th October, the week before Halloween…