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Review: “Make Over” by Aristic

Back in September 2019 multi-instrumentalist Niklas Runstad released “Dimensions” under the moniker Aristic, a project which initially saw him joined by different vocalists from local Metal bands in Sweden. That album has seven different vocalists across eight tracks and mixes Metalcore, Deathcore and Progressive in a Witches cauldron produced by Mathias Rexius and mixed and

NEWS: August Burns Red go back for “Bloodletter”!

The timing may seem slightly off with August Burns Red about to embark on the 10th Anniversary tour with the re-recorded with guests “Leveler” added to their discography, but Fearless Records have chosen to return to the bands album “Guardians” for a music video directed by Samuel Halleen. The band themselves are promising to perform

NEWS: Lotus Eater headlining tour November 2021!

After yesterday’s new song premier and album news, Gloom Metal pioneers Lotus Eater have wasted no time in announcing a headlining tour across the Island to accompany it. The shows will take place in November with support from Gutter throughout with 23rd July the date for “Where The Body Goes“. At the Download Festival pilot

Playthrough: “Divisions” from August Burns Red!

Matthew K. Heafy of Trivium. Misha Bulb Mansoor of Periphery. Ryan Kirby of Fit For A King. These are the guests who appear on the 10th Anniversary re-recorded version of “Leveler” from August Burns Red and following the live stream it was only a matter of time before a fully fledged tour was announced. The band

Playthrough: “Cutting The Ties” From August Burns Red!

If you missed guitarist Brent Rambler chats to Alicia Atout from KnotFest about the challenges of re-recording “Leveler” for its 10th Anniversary on Friday then we recommend that you check out that insightful interview! In the meantime, not to be outdone by a partner in crime, August Burns Red drummer Matt Greiner has shown us

Vs Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins? FIGHT! Lil Nas X…

Taking the principal of the Fearless Records long running compilation series “Punk Goes Pop” which, let’s face it has f*** all to do with Punk music and applying it to our Vs Tuesday series, we’re left with a pair of cover songs that no one knew they needed. Who? What? Where? We hear you cry?

NEWS: August Burns Red get lit by Bulb!

Doing something special for each of their anniversaries and really celebrating their rich history is something that August Burns Red have made a habit of an given us the opportunity to witness them taking to the stage and performing our favourite albums in full. So as the 10th Anniversary of “Leveler” approaches, not only will

NEWS: August Burns Red premier re-recorded “Poor Millionaire”!

Having celebrated the 10th Anniversary of each of their albums this far with tours and remixed and remastered records, August Burns Red have gone one step further with “Leveler“. 21st May will see the band share with us a completely re-recorded version of the album with new solos and different tunings produced and mixed by Carson