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Review: “As The Sky Begins To Break” by Ruina

Having originally started out as a solo project for multi instrumentalist Harvey Lake, the desire to play live soon took hold and with that the need to assemble a fully fledged band. Ruina was born a Hardcore outfit with their debut EP “Nemesis” but soon evolved with line up changes and a love of bands

NEWS: Ruina rise like a pheonix from the ashes!

Long held aloft as not only ones to watch but a shinning light of the UK Metal Underground scene, Ruina are preparing to unveil their third EP “As The Sky Begins To Break” on 30th September. Having already dropped a pair of well received singles, the third comes in the form of a music video

NEWS: Ruina take Point Break to another level!

A new dawn, a new day and new music from a new line up Ruina is just what the Doctor ordered. The third chapter of the band masterminded by the last man standing Harvey Lake started with “The Truth” in June and now out of the gate storms “Wavebreaker“, complete with  a classy black and

NEWS: Arch Enemy shake hands with the Devil in Hell!

On July 29th, extreme metal masters Arch Enemy will release their 11th studio album, ‘Deceivers‘, via Century Media Records. For a preview of the record, the new single, “Handshake With Hell” has arrived with a video directed by Patric Ullaeus that follows previously released singes, “Deceiver, Deceiver” and “House Of Mirrors” meaning three of the

NEWS: Ruina scream with a hundred voices!

Returning to their sophomore EP “A Hundred Voices” for a music video filmed by Loki Films for the title track are the mighty Ruina. The band surprised on the affair with vocalist and multi instrumentalist Harvey Lake showing off some much improved clean vocals and landed themselves on our top #5 EPs of the year

Exclusive Interview: Ruina talk “A Hundred Voices”!

After unveiling their sophomore EP “A Hundred Voices” a couple of weeks back, we had the pleasure of a few minutes in the company of multi instrumentalist and vocalist Harvey Lake to chat about all things Ruina and the follow up to the much loved “Nemesis“. Thanks to the pre-release singles and very well put together

Review: “A Hundred Voices” by Ruina

Starting out in ancient history as the solo project of multi instrumentalist and man of many bands Harvey Lake before evolving into a fully fledged band with the desire to play live,  towards the end of the winter of discontent in February 2020 Ruina unveiled their debut EP “Nemesis”. Utilizing the skills of 105mm Studios

NEWS: Ruina unveil “Vipers Nest”!

As their last single “Stronger Than I” has clocked up just over 14k of Spotify streams in just 44 days, Ruina have chosen to treat us to another freshly squeezed piece of material in the venomous “Vipers Nest“. Sandwiched between the two cuts the band announced their signing to Dynamic Talent International as their booking

NEWS: Ruina return with “Stronger Than I”!

The promised return of Ruina with a brand new single called “Stronger Than I” has been a highly anticipated one thanks to numerous teases from multi instrumentalist Harvey Lake and it’s finally here in music video form, a day before appearing everywhere else you’d expect to find it. 105mm studios once again handle the audio