Live Review: Our Hollow Our Home w/The Uncharted, ThisCityIsOurs and Lock & Key @ The Boston Music Room

Tonight is the final date of the “In Moment//In Memory” UK tour which sees the bands taking the stage at The Boston Music Room in London before Our Hollow Our Home head to mainland Europe for a run of shows with York Deathcore crew InVisions who are freshly signed to Stay Sick Recordings and of course Skywalker.

Seven Piece Progressive Metalcore crew The Uncharted [5/10] currently have debut EP “Perspectives” doing the rounds. Opening up tonight the  Gloucestershire band have their dual headed vocal attack with Arron Carter performing the cleans and Pete Lee the screams in good form. However the reality is the stage is a little bit too small for the 14 legged beast and while they make the best of it, they suffer from a number of sound issues. Fortunately, despite going completely off the rails at one point, they manage to bring it back in. Both vocalists take it very much in turn to sing their verses and both mouth the others lines when they don’t have the light while synths set them apart from most other Metalcore acts giving them a point of difference but tonight they drown out some of the lead guitar work.

London’s ThisCityIsOurs [7/10] have more of a stripped back Metalcore groove and reliance on breakdowns and bass drops to round out their sound. The joy of them is that there are no nerves and they’re all so into their music, all of them mouthing every word and headbanging to every riff. When clean vocalist and guitarist Mikey Page starts off “Wildfire” from their 2016 EP there is a real instant connection with it. Sam Stolliday’s unclean tones may not be to everyone’s taste but he’s improved over the releases and brings a real passion to proceedings.

After 3 years in the wilderness London Hardcore quintet Lock & Key [7/10] return to the stage for the second time having released new single “Changes” at the beginning of the month. Their return has not been without controversy however and has cost us the brilliance that was Lifetight with the bands drummer and guitarist unable to do both bands. Including new single “Changes” the band smash through a set of Metallic Hardcore with the odd guitar squeal thrown in for good measure. There is plenty of two-step action and despite the backing vocals being awful it is something of a triumphant return.

Our Hollow Our Home [9/10] must be the biggest thing to come out of Southampton in some time. Their sophomore album “In Moment //In Memory” is a fine piece of work and with the band released a music video for single “Wraiths” just a week ago. This maybe the final show of the UK leg of their tour but the band are in fine form and deliver a high energy set with plenty of sing-a-long action as well as the bounce. A mixture of songs from debut “Hartsick” and “In Moment//In Memory” are played with regular guitar switching for tunings that doesn’t kill any of the momentum. Vocalists from all the other bands take on a verse during the set and all of the band members involved in the tour take the stage during the final song of the pre-encore set. “Wraiths”, “Worms Wood” and “Feast For The Crows” are all fantastic but it’s “Speak of Sorrow” and a heart wrenching rendition of “Parting Gift” that steal the show.

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