Riff Police! Pull Over! #22: LIFETIGHT Vs Rage Against The Machine!

There is no doubt that Rage Against The Machine should be considered in the “highly influential” bracket that is reserved for the finest of artists. Their sadly short lived career spanning just 3 albums worth of original material lives long in the memory. Perhaps through Zach De La Rocha’s fiery vocals and perhaps through guitarist Tom Morello’s very much unique guitar style. Second album “Evil Empire” is perhaps most notable for it’s powerful and anthem statement piece “Bulls On Parade” as anything else. It’s a high energy, big riff track with everything that you could possibly want from the band on a high.

LIFETIGHT are without a doubt a cracking UK hardcore band, hailing from the Midlands and fronted by Thomas Smith, lyricist and vocalist extraordinaire. Their debut EP “Self-Tightled” is an absolute gem of a release and their future is incredibly bright – when we met sticksman Josh Murphy at Fat Lip Fest 2018, he told us they are currently sat on a new 4 track EP awaiting mixing and mastering. Listening to that EP and track “Big Boy House” stands out like a sore thumb – so familiar and yet hard to place. Danny Reeves guitar work is a big part of the bands appeal but that lead riff – that’s what we call influenced!

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