Riff Police! Pull Over! #107: GroundCulture Vs Spineshank!

When it comes to riffs, some just stick in your head. It’s an essential component of what makes a song catchy and memorable. Back in 2003, the third studio album “Self Destructive Pattern” from Los Angeles Californian Industrial Metal band Spineshank was lead by a single that somehow wound up getting nominated in the ‘Best Metal Performance‘ category at the 46th Grammy Awards. We say somehow, “Smothered” is a decent little number, a fun track with a video that sees the band destroying numerous hidden cameras in their rehearsal space, but not necessarily something that you might consider at Grammy level. Either way, it lost out “St. Anger” by Metallica, which is a whole other story entirely.

Fast forward a huge 17 years, during which time Spineshank split up, got back together and released 2012’s “Anger Denial Acceptance” before splitting up again in 2016. Out come Newcastle upon Tyne residents GroundCulture with an album entitled “How Well Do You Really Know Yourself?” on Hopeless Records. It’s one that has some choice cuts and memorable riffs but you might find yourself singing the words “The black and cold reminds me, Of all the distance we have crossed, And if your darkness blinds me, I could never be more lost” when “Blue Minds” kicks in before that realization… don’t write in folks, it’s just for s***s and giggles.

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