Riff Police… Pull Over! #2: A Day To Remember Vs. Stick To Your Guns

In March 2016 when A Day To Remember were building the hype around their then upcoming new album “Bad Vibrations”, they released a single in the form of “Paranoia”. The song describes frontman Jeremy McKinnon’s feelings after a home burglary but with a very familiar riff. A little bit of a memory test this was not because just two years earlier critically claimed Melodic Hardcore band Stick To Your Guns released “What Choice Did You Give Us?” on 2014 recorded and 2015 released “Disobedient”. No Eagle eared hearing was required on this one – it’s note for note, pound for pound, the same damned riff. Both bands have a crossover among their fan bases, so it wasn’t long before the Riff Police were given a call…

Stick To Your Guns were cool about it though, they commented via Twitter “for real though, no weird feelings or anything. We’re probably more than guilty of borrowing a Hatebreed trick or two.” All’s well that ends well as they say. No Doubt both bands will be sharing a stage or two again soon.

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