Riff Police! Pull Over! #64: Dope Vs Threering?

Threering are a band who are now on their fourth album “Dark Tranquillity”. The Las Vegas Nevada duo with influences from Megadeth to Pink Floyd have been around in various bands since 1990 and when we came to review the album, one song stuck out like a sore thumb. Why? Because there was something very familiar about it. The intro riff of “The Darkness We Pray For” sounds very familiar. But what are the chances of a band that released their third album in October 2018 being influenced by something that appeared a decade earlier?

There is very little doubt at this point that Dope frontman Edsel Dope is in fact masquerading as the much loved and missed Wayne Static in the new incarnation of Static-X on the “Wisconsin Death Trip” 20th Anniversary Tour. Having watched some of the bootleg footage in advance of the UK dates in September, the dudes mannerisms are hard to mask. It would perhaps be less obvious if Dope weren’t on every date of the World Tour themselves but in fairness to both bands, it’s obvious what they were looking to achieve and they have done well with it. Returning to our primary focus, it’s “We Are” from the 2009 Dope album “No Regrets” that is the tune that seemingly has the influenced riff. Yes, it is faster on the Dope album as either lead guitarist Virus or Edsel himself demonstrates some serious riffing ability. So… what are the chances?

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