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NEWS: Dark Tranquillity do not hide from the “Eyes Of The World”!

To celebrate the release of their seventh studio album “Moment”, Swedish Melodic Death Metal pioneers Dark Tranquillity have unveiled an Erik Eger directed music video for “Eyes Of The World”. The video was been shot in Gothenburg’s famed venue Stora Teatern, where the band will be performing “Moment” live in its entirety on Saturday, November

Review: “Moment” by Dark Tranquillity

At this point in their careers it’s safe to say that the legacy of Swedish Melodic Death Metallers Dark Tranquillity as one of the cornerstones of the Gothenburg sound is set in stone. The only question is whether the band can continue to produce music worthy of that legacy as they reach their twelfth studio

NEWS: Dark Tranquillity go forth into the “The Dark Unbroken”!

Swedish Melodic Death Metal pioneers Dark Tranquillity have presented what they’re calling their third and final single “The Dark Unbroken” from their upcoming seventh studio album “Moment”. It seems like the record is still too far away for that to be the case, it drops 20th November via Century Media, so perhaps they have other publicity

Documentary: Dark Tranquillity’s “Moment” studio diary #6!

Part #6 of the behind the scenes documentary around the making of the upcoming new Dark Tranquillity album “Moment” finds us going back to September. Gothenburg, Sweden is the location and a listening party and Q&A with the band hosted by Mathias Lindebald, a selection of bottles of water and cans of Carlsberg on the

Review: “In The Absence of Fear” by Threering

Close to 10 months after their last album the partnership that is drum.er Phillip Howell alongside guitarist and vocalist Adam Doxtater which forms Las Vegas Nevada duo Threering have returned, not only with a new record but also finding time to take a detour with a stand alone single entitled “Pneumothorax“, which appeared in August.

Documentary: Dark Tranquillity’s “Moment” studio diary #5!

Rogue Music, the studio of Martin Brändström who handles keyboards, programming and production for Melodic Death Metal pioneers Dark Tranquillity is where we find the band themselves during the opening part of this Studio Session (Part #5). He explains how having their own facilities has given them a much longer gestation period to write and

NEWS: Dark Tranquillity are “Identical to None”!

We’ve had all of the build up to “Moment“, the upcoming new album from Dark Tranquillity over the past few weeks but only one actual song in “Phantom Days“. Until now. “Identical to None” is that second teaser, a huge four years after their Swedish Grammy-nominated album “Atoma” and the new record slated for a

Interview: Dark Tranqullity talk “Moment”!

Gothenburg Melodic Death Metal legends Dark Tranquillity are building up to the release of their new album “Moment”, which will appear in just over a months time on 20th November 2020 via Century Media and so after four installments of their making of feature, vocalist Mikael Stanne has taken a moment to chat with Heavy New

Documentary: Dark Tranquillity’s “Moment” studio diary #4!

Back at Rogue Music, the studio of Melodic Death Metal pioneers Dark Tranquillity and their electronics guru Martin Brändström, episode #4 of the bands making of featurette is something of a gear rundown with vocalist Mikael Stanne explaining not only what his guitarists Christopher Amott (ex-Arch Enemy) and Johan Reinholdz (Nonexist) have been experimenting with but also

Documentary: Dark Tranquillity’s “Moment” studio diary #3!

Episode #3 of the making of “Moment“, the upcoming 20th November new album from Gothenburg legends Dark Tranquillity series sees guitarist Chris Amott in a Striker t-shit and bassist Anders Iwers showing his love for The Goonies in the same way while vocalist Mikael Stanne talks about various elements of the album, including the Fender