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Review: “Deities Of Deathlike Sleep” by Grand Cadaver

“We never even planned to release a full-length album, and here we are with our second! “Deities of Deathlike Sleep” was conceived and recorded with the same mindset and the same team as our previous recordings, keeping it quick, spontaneous and enjoyable. This time it turned out a bit more dynamic, with the pummelling fury interspersed

NEWS: Grand Cadaver continue to rot and decay?

Treblinka, Expulsion, The Grifted, Novarupta, Let Them Hang, CHILD, Vordor, Disrupted,  Katatonia, Dark Tranquillity, The Halo Effect, Pagandom. Quite the list? These are the bands that the musicians who make up Swedish Death Metal outfit Grand Cadaver are known for. Majestic Mountain Records will be releasing their sophomore album “Deities Of Deathlike Sleep” on 25th

Bootleg: The Halo Effect at Wacken!

As this year’s incarnation of Wacken Open Air Festival approaches on the night side, the powers that be have shared pro-shot footage from the set of The Halo Effect from last year’s event. “Days Of The Lost“, “Feel What I Believe” and “Shadowminds” are the cuts of choice from the supergroup who feature members of

NEWS: Grand Cadaver drown in a vortex of blood!

Naming and shaming them, Mikael Stanne (Dark Tranquillity and The Halo Effect) Stefan Lagergren (The Grifted, Treblinka, Tiamat, Expulsion), Alex Stjernfeldt (Novarupta, Child, Mr. Death) Christian Jansson (Pagandom, Dark Tranquillity) and Daniel Liljekvist (Disrupted, Vorder, Katatonia) founded Swedish Death Metal super group Grand Cadaver amid the great plague years. EP ”Madness Comes” dropped in 2021 followed by their full-length debut

Bootleg: Dark Tranquillity at Bloodstock Open Air Festival 2022!

There is nothing quite like a pro-shot full set from a band whose reputation precedes them and Bloodstock have done the decent thing and given us the opportunity to relive the set of Gothenburg Sound Melodic Death Metal pioneers Dark Tranquillity from last summers incarnation of the annual Metal meeting. It served as part of

Bootleg: “Misery’s Crown” from Dark Tranquillity!

A second cut from the set of Gothenburg Sound era Melodic Death Metal pioneers Dark Tranquillity from last summers Bloodstock Open Air Festival can only mean one thing. The imminent arrival of a pro-shot full set from the Sophie Lancaster main stage before the week is out. So make the most of this advance while

Bootleg: “Phantom Days” from Dark Tranquillity!

When Dark Tranquillity vocalist Mikael Stanne announced his presence in Grand Cadaver and The Halo Effect, which formed in 2020 and 2021 respectively, there was a question about just how much longer he would want to continue to commit to his main squeeze. However it seems that as this footage from the Sophie Lancaster main stage

Bootleg: “Shadowminds” from The Halo Effect!

It’s seems incredible but Wacken Open Air Festival in Germany reached its 31st incarnation this summer. There to celebrate were Swedish Melodic Death Metal Supergroup The Halo Effect, four parts former members of In Flames alongside Dark Tranquillity vocalist Mikael Stanne who offer a path the the roots of the Gothenburg Sound with their debut