Riff Police! Pull Over! #69: Architects Vs Wage War!

What is there to say about Brighton Progressive Metalcore heroes Architects that hasn’t been said? A little known fact is that we had the pleasure of seeing them perform at a venue called Pressure Point in Brighton with original vocalist Matt Johnson at the helm sometime in 2007 and have the event flyer to prove it. Going from strength to strength, the band released single “Doomsday”, the last song that fallen guitarist Tom Searle had started to write for their seventh studio album “All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us” but didn’t complete. Later appearing on “Holy Hell”, the main riff is credited to Tom while the album as a whole is based on his writing style.

Ocala Florida is the home of Metalcore quintet Wage War. Their sophomore album “Dead Weight” was a phenomenal success even if “Distain” is a song that worships the Slipknot classic “Heretic Anthem”, one of the finest cuts on “Iowa”. Returning with “Pressure” a few weeks ago single “Low” had already been floating around in the ether for seven months. What’s interesting is while the album worships fellow Ocala natives A Day To Remember, this particular cut is so painfully close to “Doomsday” that Epitaph Records lawyers got on the phone to the Whitehouse.

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