Riff Police! Pull Over! #103: Black Sabbath Vs Megadeth!

When it comes to influence and inspiring a generation of Metal Heads, there aren’t many more influential than Black Sabbath. You only need look at the artists on the “Nativity In Black” pairing of compilation albums who play tribute to Birmingham’s finest to see what we’re talking about. A year after the departure of Ozzy Osbourne came “Heaven And Hell” in 1980, the first album to feature Ronnie James Dio at the helm. Recorded in Miami and Paris with producer Martin Birch, it features a pair of classics in “Neon Knights” and “Die Young“.

Back in 1997, the last album of a four album run with the same line up, including drummer Nick Menza, came to an end with the seventh studio album from Megadeth entitled “Cryptic Writings“. An openly more commercial release with song structures designed for radio and produced by Dann Huff, known for his work in Hard Rock and Country genres in Nashville Tennessee, it was one that divided critics by moving further away from the bands Thrash roots despite recieving a Grammy nomination for single “Trust“. Fast forward to the Japanese and their love of an exclusive bonus track added to the end of an album that frustrated the heck out of fans. Track number #13 on that album is “One Thing” and for the love of Black Sabbath if it doesn’t match the riff of “Lonely Is The Word“. Despite being credited to Dave Mustaine himself, we’re going to say that riff lord Tony Iommi deserves the credit for this one…


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