Riff Police! Pull Over! #71: Trivium Vs Machinae Supremacy!

Is it really 13 years since the music video for “Pull Harder on The Strings Of Your Martyr” first appeared on our screens? Time flies when you’re snapping your neck! The Trivium classic from major label debut “Ascendancy” which was the first to feature guitarist Corey Beaulieu and bassist Paolo Gregoletto… who famed for his shaven head, has hair in the video! A live sing-a-long anthem that even has a guest solo from producer Jason Suecof, it’s without a doubt a classic Metal movement.

But wait. Rewind to the year before “Ascendancy” was released. 2004 saw “Deus Ex Machinae”, recorded in Blind Dog Studios and Lilla Tomtestudion, Lulea on the Northern Coast of Sweden by Machinae Supremacy, upon which is “Return to Snake Mountain”. Given Matt Heafy’s near daily twitch stream cover release and love for all kinds of music, even stuff that incorporates a SidStation that has a it’s heart the SID chip from a Commadore 64 to made chiptune elements, what are the chances he heard this before writing “Pull Harder On The Strings Of Your Martyr”?


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