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NEWS: Sylosis seek fresh signs?

As death becomes clearer through bloodshot eyes, the picture of what the future holds for Sylosis does as well. The band have an incoming record “A Sign Of Things To Come” , their second with Nuclear Blast, set for 8th September with mastermind Josh Middleton free from the shackles of Architects to focus fully on

Bootleg: “YellowJacket” from Spiritbox!

On 13th July at The Roundhouse in London, Sam Carter from Architects was caught on camera reprising his role on “YellowJacket” alongside Spiritbox. A special moment with one show left of the sold out “Eternal Blue” tour which we sadly missed having been at the sweatfest that was the opening night of run with Brand

NEWS: Sylosis drink poison until they become immune?

It seems as though the announcement of Josh Middleton from Architects earlier this week was perfectly timed as he wishes to focus on a new Sylosis album. Titled “A Sign of Things to Come“, the ten track affair set for an 8th September release via Nuclear Blast with a second single in “Poison For The

NEWS: Sylosis take an axe to the Deadwood!

Ahead of a 21st March which will find them opening for Lamb Of God and Kreator at the OVO Arena Wembley in London, Sylosis have premiered a band new single in “Deadwood“, their first of 2023. Original guitarists Alex Bailey alongside Josh Middleton now of Architects fame are joined by Bleed From Within drummer Ali

Bootleg: “Heavy Is The Crown” from Sylosis!

There were a few moments where naively we thought that Josh Middleton would bring the Sylosis riffs to Architects and together they would undergo a metamorphosis into Syltects or something. That didn’t happen did it. Ah well. At least Sylosis are still a thing. Here’s “Heavy Is The Crown” cut from their set at Bloodstock

Bootleg: “Karma” from Malevolence ft. Will Ramos!

After fan filmed footage emerged in the aftermath of Bloodstock Open Air Festival of Lorna Shore vocalist Will Ramos joining Sheffield shredders Malevolence on stage for a rendition of “Karma” from their new album “Malicious Intent“, an official version of the cut has appeared pro-shot with audio mixed by Architects and Sylosis guitarist Josh Middleton