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Bootleg: Spineshank in Fort Lauderdale!

Including an interview with guitarist Mike Sarkisyan at the end, here’s a full set from Industrial Metallers Spineshank. It took place at The Chilli Pepper in Fort Lauderdale Florida on 18th March 1999, a 2nd Generation VHS tape transfer with a set of tracks from their “Strictly Diesel” era, once again saved by Liberated Tape

Throwback: “Last One Standing” by Silent Civilian!

Formed in the aftermath of his exit from Spineshank and fueled by a desire to take a new musical direction, Silent Civilian saw Jonny Santos completely reinvent himself from being the Industrial Metal vocalist to being the vocalist and guitarist of a Metalcore band. He also transformed himself, both physically and vocally, at times barely

Bootleg: Silent Civilian in Milwaukee!

A band that went through 15 members in their first four years, Silent Civilian may or may not still be an active project, having attempted to crowd fund a third studio record in January 2020. Formed primarily by Jonny Santos in the wake of his departure from Spineshank, his new band recorded a pair of

NEWS: Spineshank single “Infected” surfaces!

Slipping under the Radar, a previously only available on the Japanese version of the 2003 Spineshank album “Self Destructive Pattern” and the “Smothered” CD single track entitled “Infected” has made its way onto Spotify. What’s interesting is that the visual has a “Warner Archives” stamp on it, suggesting that there maybe other rarities to come

Riff Police! Pull Over! #107: GroundCulture Vs Spineshank!

When it comes to riffs, some just stick in your head. It’s an essential component of what makes a song catchy and memorable. Back in 2003, the third studio album “Self Destructive Pattern” from Los Angeles Californian Industrial Metal band Spineshank was lead by a single that somehow wound up getting nominated in the ‘Best

Review: “Wild Fire” EP by Die Another Day

Tyler Johansen (Bass, vocals), Ricardo d’Almeida (Guitar, vocals), Justin Bennett (Guitar), Jared Boyd (Bass, vocals) and Adam Hensby (Drums) formed Die Another Day in May 2019 and taking influences from Atreyu, Lamb of God, System of a Down, A Day To Remember and Thrice the Calgary Canadian quintet formulated their style with a pair of

Throwback: “Slavery” by Spineshank!

While “New Disease” was the staple on the Juke Box on American Pool nights many moons ago it was the 2003 follow up album “Self Destructive Pattern” from Los Angeles Californian Industrial Metallers Spineshank that grabbed our attention. That was largely due to the vast, night and day improvement in vocals from Jonny Santos as