Review: “Wild Fire” EP by Die Another Day

Tyler Johansen (Bass, vocals), Ricardo d’Almeida (Guitar, vocals), Justin Bennett (Guitar), Jared Boyd (Bass, vocals) and Adam Hensby (Drums) formed Die Another Day in May 2019 and taking influences from Atreyu, Lamb of God, System of a Down, A Day To Remember and Thrice the Calgary Canadian quintet formulated their style with a pair of singles in “Broken Youth” and “Life To The Max“. Neither track makes their debut EP “Wild Life” but both showcase the talent and potential that they have in their ranks. Lyrically, “Wild Fire” is based around emotions that Die Another Day have felt in past experiences in their lives. Some of these songs cover subjects or moments in life while others are based around observations and points of view of the state of things around the World. Before the release bassist Tyler Johansen said “We wanted to share with the world our more aggressive hard-hitting side of our music. This is an EP that means the world to us as it touches on so many personal notes as well as being our first full outing as a band so we really wanted to come out swinging with this one. It’s exciting to bring more than a single out to share with everyone; we cannot wait to show you all what months of practicing, writing, and recording is going to look and sound like. We really wanted something that will resonate with people or make them think when they’re listening to the lyrics.”

Serving as the aperitif for “Wildfire“, the primitive Industrial tinged Nu-Metal introspective pre-implosion of “Ignite The Fires” is the mood setter that you might have expected from Spineshank before the dark spoken word bursts into a scream and the opening riff attack of the EP title track. Vocally, the comparisons with Alex Varkatzas of Ateyu fame are on point while stylistically the comparison with Spineshank isn’t too far adrift. Industrial drumming and eerie synths build up the the sound above the riffs. Breaking the uncleans for gang chants and a couple of clean lines adds some depth while a tempo shift for the final attack makes the track. “Razorblades” has the same icy synth tones cutting through the guitar work as a stylistic choice while the lyrics depict self destruct through insanity with sounds that sit in the space between Alternative Rock and Metalcore. There is that catchy hook and you may well find yourself absent mindedly singing along to the chorus at just the second listen. Wearing the influence of “Right Side Of The Bed” by Atreyu like a badge of honor upon it’s sleeve, “Green Eyes” is the love or perhaps lust song of the EP with a real sense of teenage angst. She has beautiful green eyes and he’s a high school misfit so it’s like Romeo and Juliet? Essentially yes! The story is one that resonates and could well be a radio hit with just enough bite and sensibility to keep it in tune with the heavier material. “Fear The Future” steps up the energy for the most part an has an interesting 80’s warble chorus part that didn’t seem to fit the first time around but grows with repeated listens. The Asian inspired riffs are solid and while you might feel like it has been done before, it still sounds fresh. “Poison IV” has a big nod to Ice Nine Kills within its rumblings, witty lyrics demonstrating the ability to write material that doesn’t look inward too far while having that sing-a-long ability. The closing piano part is a touch creepy and would probably be cut for the radio edit but is nice none the less. “Wild Fire” is as much a band trying to find their style as it is a debut while being good fun [7/10]

Track listing

1. Ignite The Flame (1:19)
2. Wildfire (3:16)
3. Razorblades (3:12)
4. Green Eyes (4:37)
5. Fear The Future (2:56)
6. Poison IV (5:15)

Wild Fire” by Die Another Day is out 10th April

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