Throwback: “Slavery” by Spineshank!

While “New Disease” was the staple on the Juke Box on American Pool nights many moons ago it was the 2003 follow up album “Self Destructive Pattern” from Los Angeles Californian Industrial Metallers Spineshank that grabbed our attention. That was largely due to the vast, night and day improvement in vocals from Jonny Santos as well as some freer feeling in the bands overall sound. Not that the vocals were bad before. Not by any stretch. Anyway, it looked like Spineshank had fallen after 540,000 album sales and three studio releases but they managed one more in 2012’s “Anger Denial Acceptance” before calling it a day in 2016. So today’s throwback is “Slavery” from an album that is seriously underrated! Bizarrely the song appears in the Freddy Vs Jason film of the same year with a Roadrunner Records dominated soundtrack, but on the CD it was switched out for the more commercial “Beginning Of The End”…

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