Throwback: “Last One Standing” by Silent Civilian!

Formed in the aftermath of his exit from Spineshank and fueled by a desire to take a new musical direction, Silent Civilian saw Jonny Santos completely reinvent himself from being the Industrial Metal vocalist to being the vocalist and guitarist of a Metalcore band. He also transformed himself, both physically and vocally, at times barely recognizable as the man that Spineshank fans had once know. That’s something that is apparent in the music video for “Last One Standing” which appeared in the promotional campaign for the bands sophomore album “Ghost Stories” in 2010. The pair of albums are a fine example of Metalcore, with some obvious Killswitch Engage influence going on and it was thought that they had gone their separate ways when Spineshank returned for what turned out to be a one off record in 2012’s “Anger Denial Acceptance” but 2020 brought hope of a third album via a Crowd funding campaign. Having gone through 14 members in their initial 4 year run with Santos the only mainstay, it seems that there is but one vision behind this band.

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