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NEWS: Endless Chain kneel before the Blind Kings?

Finnish melancholic Melodic Death Metal band Endless Chain hits the table with a real metal anthem ”Blind Kings”, featuring no less than three guest appearances with the quartet are joined by from Sami-Yli Sirniö (Kreator), Samuli Mikkonen (Korpiklaani) and Ville Hovi (Blackstar Halo) for it. The song, whose style echoes early sound of the Gothenburg

Review: “Kaarnaköydet​” by Kouta

A year ago around the release of their debut EP “Aarnihauta” we interviewed Finnish Folk inspired Black Metal act Kouta only to discover that they had a long term plan in place and had already recorded a full length album in follow up to release in 2023. Titled “Kaarnakoydet” or “Dark Experiments” and recorded and mixed

Review: “Bardo Thodol” by Concrete Age

Founded by multi instrumentalist Ilia “Frosty J” Morozov (vocals, guitars, ethnic instruments) in a small town in the South of Russia in October 2011, in November 2015 Concrete Age relocated to London to continue their illustrious career. In their time to date they have brought us no less than seven albums from 2012’s “Time to

Documentary: “Jylha” Studio Diary with Korpiklaani!

Filmed in the final days of the recording process, Finnish Folk Metal Superstars Korpiklaani talk about their new album “Jylha“, their relationship with Producer Janne Saksa and how the Fire and Ice themes came together. March 2020 would have been their tour “Land of a Thousand Drinks” with them sharing our love of Jagermeister so here’s

NEWS: Korpiklaani take to flight!

After their interview with Beez last week as part of the Mosh Talks series for Knotfest.com, Korpiklaani have given us a music video for “Tuuleton” or “The Windless“. A Folk Metal take of an almost flightless bird who mourns his inability to fly like the others and with Winter coming, struggles to survive on the

Interview: Korpiklaani talk “Niemi” with Heavy New York!

Having gone Flying V’s and Fire and Ice with their new EP “Niemi“, Jarkko Aaltonen from Finnish Folk Metallers Korpiklaani took some time to chat with Heavy New York a out the record, joining the already established act in 2005 and their notorious Jagermeister drinking antics. They named a song after it. None else calls

NEWS: Korpiklaani play with fire…

Finnish Folk Metal Superstars Korpiklaani may not have made it to Hammerfest 2020 but they have created a flaming good video for “Niemi“, the first single to come after their current album “Kulkija”. Flying V’s at the ready with ice and fire themes, the band are already claiming that the new record will be their

Listmania: Metal Noise Top #5 Drinking Songs For New Year!

Our Listmania season will come to an end tomorrow with the New Years Honours List but before it does, there is just about enough time to squeeze in one more; 5 drinking songs for New Years Eve; because what else do people do on New Years Eve except drink a skin full, party and bulls***?!