Under The Influence #58: Solmenity on “Above the Weeping World” by Insomnium!

A Melodic Death Metal quintet with Progressive and Doom Metal influences, Insomnium formed in 1997, with a song writing axis of bassist and vocalist Niilo Sevänen and guitarist Dr. Ville Friman creating music around lyrical themes that portray darkness, pain, sorrow and  loss. It was 2006 before the bands third studio album “Above the Weeping World” was recorded at Fantom Studio with producer Samu Oittinen (Korpiklaani, Abduktio, Diablo) with Candlelight Records distributing it. The lyrics of this album in particular are influenced by the works of poets and philosophers like American Edgar Allan Poe, German Johann Christian Friedrich Hölderlin and Finnish classic Eino Leino.

Dan Benton (Vocals, Guitars) from Solmenity comments: “In 2007, I was recommended Insomniums’s Above the Weeping World. I was looking for a band that played a specific style of melodic death metal that scratched an itch I hadn’t felt in quite a while. From the first initial listen I was sold. From beginning to end this album is perfect. From the piano driven, rain-soaked intro, all the way through to the ten minute closer ‘In the Groves of Death, there is not a wasted second. The band’s style of melancholic and morose melodic death metal is prevalent throughout. The melodies are sombre and while never overly technical, are catchy and impressive nonetheless. The drums likewise aren’t super-flashy, but they flow so incredibly well; embellishing riffs and occasionally switching up the beat mid way through to add depth to an already cool idea. The vocals are vintage Insomnium; all growls and whispered passages, with no clean vocals in sight. Stand out tracks are, ‘Change of Heart’, ‘At the Gates of Sleep’, ‘Last Statement’ and ‘In The Groves of Death ’Not long after I would recommend Insomnium to Amit [Luther (Orchestration, Piano, Guitar)], who would share my enthusiasm for them and what would later become the basis for our desire to also make a melodic death band in Solemnity

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