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Review: “Saturnian” by Obsidian Skies

Following the story of humankind abandoning Earth for Saturn’s moon Titan, the concept behind “Saturnian“, the debut EP from Progressive Melodic Death Metal duo Obsidian Skies is a Science Fiction fantasy reminiscent of tales we’ve seen in the movies. The exploration of the emotional and physical struggles of leaving mankind’s home planet have a strange

Review: “Excerpts From the Dark Age” by Gomorran

The flames of a funeral pyre were lit once more in the heart of Olli Lappalainen in late 2019 as he brought his hiatus from gracing the drum stool to an end with the desire to form a new band and get back to producing new music and that desire became an infectious quality as

Review: “Reborn” by Usquam

Originally released at the end June digitally, French Blackened Death Metallers Usquam inked a deal in blood with WormHoleDeath Records for the re-release of their debut EP “Reborn“, a record themed on dark philosophy and inspired by the observation of a world oscillating between decline and progress. As a trio Alwan (bass), Draugr (guitars) and

Review: “Excommunica” by Argesh

” ‘Excommunica’ wants to point out how much can be spiritually self-sabotating being born and grown in a religious context bare of awareness and consciousness. Its concept is based on disrupting these restrictions in order to find the human need to evolve and become something different from the herd, expressing the harsh hate against the

Playthrough: “Our Demise” from Solemnity!

How time flies. In June 2020, Solemnity offered us ‘Through Endless Darkness’, an EP that had been four years in the making. To celebrate the first anniversary of the record which combines the majesty and dynamics of orchestral music with the crushing weight and ferocity of Death Metal, the band have given us a playthrough

Listmania: Metal Noise Top #5 EPs of 2020!

If you weren’t as excited by our top #5 singles of 2020 on Boxing Day as you were by pouring Bailey’s on your cornflakes on Christmas Day then perhaps our top #5 EP releases of 2020 tickles your fancy. Or maybe not. Who knows. The rules of the game are simple. No bands that features

Review: “Deliverance” by Empyrean Fire

A concept album that reshapes the work of Milton’s “Paradise Lost” and “Paradise Regained” after years of rumination from frontwoman Tricia Myers forms the backbone of the debut album of Portland, Oregon trio Empyrean Fire as she is joined by guitarist, bassist and programmer Jason Yorke and synth master Brian Rush. Yorke also mixed and

Review: “A New Dawn” by At Sacrament

In the heart of South America, Nicolás Peralta (Rhythm guitar, solos), Renato Zandonai (Drums), Alexis Martínez (Vocals), Fabián Giménez (Rhythm guitar, solos), Wilson Paniagua (Bass guitar) formed Thrash act At Sacrament against all odds, in the middle of a Pandemic. They formed in Ciudad Del Este Paraguay in early 2020 and spent six months writing “A New

Review: “Veil Of Imagination” by Wilderun

Recorded at More Sound Studios in Syracuse, New York before being mixed by Dan Swanö (Opeth, Katatonia) and mastered by Jens Bogren (Sepultura, At The Gates) and critically acclaimed as one of the finest albums of 2019, “Veil Of Imagination” by Wilderun sees re-release under special licence via Century Media in July 2020. When we