Review: “A New Dawn” by At Sacrament

In the heart of South America, Nicolás Peralta (Rhythm guitar, solos), Renato Zandonai (Drums), Alexis Martínez (Vocals), Fabián Giménez (Rhythm guitar, solos), Wilson Paniagua (Bass guitar) formed Thrash act At Sacrament against all odds, in the middle of a Pandemic. They formed in Ciudad Del Este Paraguay in early 2020 and spent six months writing “A New Dawn“, a record influenced by many styles that aims to showcase the personality of each member of the band…

…the choral introduction piece that is “Saints Of Darkness” has Symphonic Black Metal overtones and is out of the playbook of Solemnity or Enterprise Earth with a Orchestral build up to cleanse the pallette before “A New Dawn” kicks in and washes that away with a healthy dose of Thrash riffs that take things in a very different direction. The title track of the bands debit extended play has influences of Toxic Holocaust with some blistering solo moments within the fold of some chunky, stomp driven staccato riffs that provide Martínez the platform to get his message across. Shifting the tempo up into something more akin to Municipal Waste, “Mental Overload” brings the headbangability with an injection of pure energy. Giménez and Peralta prove that they have what it takes to create something to impress at the sharp end of the genre with some speed riff solos that show odd some impressive dexterity and skill while the mini bass solo burst is a really nice touch. “Corrupted Mind” moves into classic Thrash lyrical themes and Martínez vocal pitching is reminiscent of Exodus frontman Zetro with a dryer, shriller tone that grates the unclean vocals as he barks the lines. It has to be said that the band are clearly a talented bunch of musicians and the mixing and mastering job on the EP is incredible, with each element given its rightful place and opportunity to shine. Stepping away from Thrash, “Visions Of Madness” has the Iron Maiden stylings of current bands like The Raven Age with its riffage. There are moments of Thrash peppered in at various points, a whammy bar solo moment for example but for the most part, this showcases something else the band have in their locker in suitably impressive style. Let’s have some more please [7.5/10]

Track listing

  1. Saints Of Darkness
  2. A New Dawn
  3. Mental Overload
  4. Corrupted Mind
  5. Visions Of Madness

A New Dawn”  by At Sacrament is out now and available over at bandcamp

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