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NEWS: Cardijum suffer from the “Subhuman Condition”?

Since announcing the departure of vocalist Brandon Dugan in February and the arrival of his replacement Joshua Miranda of Crafting The Conspiracy fame, Minneapolis Minnesota Deathcore collective Cardijum have wasted no time in delivering a trio of bone snapping singles. The latest, “Subhuman Condition” sees the band joined by Gabe Mangold of Enterprise Earth with

Review: “Paradoxus” by Inhuman Architects

Formed in 2020 by Fábio Infante (Vocals) and Fábio Azevedo (Guitars), who received much attention for the independently released single “Interplanetary Suffering”, Portuguese Deathcore outfit Inhuman Architects inked a deal with Independently owned Australian Extreme Metal label Vicious Instinct Records for their debut album “Paradoxus“. Recorded, mixed, mastered and produced by Titanforged Productions, the band

Bootleg: “We Are Immortal” from Enterprise Earth!

Fan filmed at Gas Monkey Bar ‘n Grill in Dallas Texas, here’s footage of Blackened Deathcore beasts Enterprise Earth performing “We Are Immortal“. Captured from a set on 15th November 2019 and freshly released its a timely reminder of just how crushing the writers of “Foundation of Bones” are in the live arena. They’re currently

Playthrough: “The Abysswalker” from Detestor!

How they managed to do it we don’t know but having pursuaded a variety of guest vocalists to join them on the hunt including ex-Lorna Shore man CJ McCreary and Dan Watson of Enterprise Earth, Ukrainian Technical Deathcore crew Detestor have dropped a playthrough video filmed by Bohdan Krasulya for recent single “The Abysswalker” which appeared in

NEWS: JumpScare cover Enterprise Earth!

Continuing a run of impressive vocal covers that has included interpretations of works by Lamb of God, Suicide Silence and Emmure, Ciro “Kirion” Silvano has chosen “Infernal Suffering” by Enterprise Earth as his next work. The vocalist who fronts Naples Italian Melodic Death Metallers JumpsScare who themselves celebrate five years together in 2020 and released

Review: “The Suffering” by Bare King

Rising from the desert sands of Bakersfield in the southern central valley of California are Deathcore collective Bare King, a quintet formed in 2018 by the writing partnership of vocalist Brandon Stirling and guitarist Louie Loera who were later joined by guitarist Richard Sherman, bassist Fernando Tejada and drummer Josh Aguilera. They made their mark

Review: “Aeon” by Defamed

The back story to the formation of Milan Italy based Deathcore quintet Defamed plays out like a thriller with vocalist Mattia Maffioli and guitarists Simone Verde and Max Foti forced out of Drown In Sulphur without their knowledge as drummer Domenico Tamilia took control of the bands assets and started over without them. They felt

Playthrough: “Foundation of Bones” from Enterprise Earth!

We’ve had full band videos of tracks from the “Foundation of Bones” EP by Enterprise Earth but not an individual playthrough… until now. Bassist Rob Saireh has picked up his five string heavy gauge beast and delivered one for the title track for our viewing pleasure. If you missed it, the EP has covers of

Review: “Absent” by Carcosa

Rising like a phoenix from the ashes of Galactic Pegasus comes Carcosa, a Deathcore quartet from Vancouver in British Columbia Canada that feature three former members of the outfit. Most fans will recognize Andrew Baena (Guitars, Vocals, Programming) from his YouTube project and Johnny Ciardullo (Vocals, Programming) as the guitarist in Angelmaker and this new