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Vs. Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins?! FIGHT! Wasted Years.

When guitarist Marc Rizzo left Ill Nino and joined Soulfly, his importance in both groups was seen almost immediately. The effect on his former band was that they lost a virtuoso performer who was full of stunning and imaginative ideas, leaving their future work sounding pretty flat and ordinary in comparison to their earlier material.

Riff Police! Pull Over! #126: Riot Vs Iron Maiden!

Origninally formed in 1975 as Riot and then rebranding as Riot V with Todd Michael Hall as their fifth official vocalist and none of the original line up; bassist Don Van Stavern has been in the band since 1986 as the oldest representative with guitarist Mike Flyntz three years behind having joined in 1989. Original

Review: “Surrender” by Dead Lord

Whats in a name? Vocalist and guitarist Hakim Crimea chose the name Dead Lord for his band, not because it can be translated as “Dead God” but simply because it sounds cool. As an atheist who writes lyrics about everyday experiences including politics, religion and racism, he claims “to sing about Satan would be just

Review: “Wings of Agony” by Lutharö

Hailing from Hamilton Ontario Canada, Lutharö are a Metal quintet of growing reputation. Their debut EP “Unleash The Beast” announced them to the scene in 2018 with vocalists Krista Shipperbottom’s impressive vocal range and the bands impressive stage presence earning them a reputation. Back for round two with “Wings of Agony“, that builds upon those foundations

Review: “A New Dawn” by At Sacrament

In the heart of South America, Nicolás Peralta (Rhythm guitar, solos), Renato Zandonai (Drums), Alexis Martínez (Vocals), Fabián Giménez (Rhythm guitar, solos), Wilson Paniagua (Bass guitar) formed Thrash act At Sacrament against all odds, in the middle of a Pandemic. They formed in Ciudad Del Este Paraguay in early 2020 and spent six months writing “A New

Review: “Into Chaos” by From The Ruins

Formed in Reno Nevada in 2016, From The Ruins are a Thrash Metal quintet of some repute. Having torn up the West Coast with a sound which is built around the machine gun riffing of Chuck Reyome and Scott Schlingheyde, they cite influences in Death Angel, Kreator and Slayer as well as some of the melody and progressive tendencies of early 

Playthrough: “Followers Of The Lich” from Kalahari!

Italian Melodic Death Metal quintet Kalahari have chosen “Followers Of The Lich“, their interpretation of an 80’s styled Thrash Metal track for as bass playthrough video. It’s taken from their recently released EP “Theia“, a concept release steeped in Greek Mythology and taking influence from the likes of Iron Maiden.

Review: “Tales Of The White Eye” by Limos

Escaping the woods of Kainuu, Finland in 2017, vocalist Eirik Manne, lead guitarist Eppu Herala, rhythm guitarist Eetu Herala, bassist Tuomas Suokko and drummer Teemu Ohtonen formed Limos to create Melodic Death Metal sounds. As those bleak forests were left behind, the band took with them the elements that defines their music and made it

Playthrough: “Seventh Heaven” from The Raven Age!

Another one taken from the “Legacy of the Beast” Tour which saw The Raven Age supporting Iron Maiden sees drummer Jai Patel under the microscope as he smashes “Seventh Heaven” from the bands 2019 album “Conspiracy” and yes, it is track number #7 on the albums playlist! They’re loved in Helsinki, Chicago, Stockholm, Dallas and Oslo