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Review: “Live at Stag Studios” by Hellforged

Bagging themselves qualification into Metal to the Masses, the competition that as everyone knows allows bands to quite literally play off against each other for a place on the Bloodstock Festival New Blood stage in 2023 as well as releasing a debut EP has meant that the first year couldn’t have got much better for

Vs Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins?! FIGHT! Fear.

The men, the myth, the legend. Iron Maiden have had the kind of career that most dream of and hardly anyone can attain, a going concern since 1975 and seemingly only getting stronger, judging by their latest offering “Senjutsu”. However, we’re going back to 1992 and the title track of the album of the same

Review: “Self Titled” by Imperium

Growing up with Thrash and Heavy Metal from the pre-2000’s era, vocalist Ben Porter, lead guitarist Hardip Sagoo, drummer James Hawes, bassist Rapha Comes and rhythm guitarist Scott Lomas formed Imperium and dropped their first single in two years ago, beginning a journey that will take them to Bloodstock Open Air Festival in August as

Review: “Enter The Realm” by Ethereal Realm

“A 3 year journey in the making has just reached the beginning. The curation of this EP is an introduction to who we are as a band, the different styles & influences that has led to these 4 tracks from the depths of the Realm. There will be more. Get Ready! We found ourselves rediscovering

Interview: Wednesday 13 remembers Joey Jordison!

Back in 2017 we were lucky enough to join a sold out crowd at Camden Underworld for a Wednesday 13 Undead Unplugged show that has lived long in the memory thanks to the wit and charm of the stories told by the legend himself between the classics played in stripped back form. In a fresh interview

Review: “Flight Among the Tombs” by Theandric

While vocalist and bassist Paul Tiseo has been writing songs under the name Theandric since 2011 and releases a single EP titled “Up the Irons“, this new record is very much a new beginning as a fully fledged quartet. Joining him on his quest are guitarist Bill Bogue and drummer Matt Voss who were playing

Review: “Ways Of The Pack” by Wolftopia

Recorded in the bands home studios in Vaasa over the summer of 2020 before being mixed and mastered by Ahti Kortelainen (Mysterizer, Skullrod, Eternal Tears of Sorrow) at Tico Tico Studios “Ways of the Pack” is the debut album of Finnish Melodic Death Metal quartet Wolftopia. Inspired by a love of fantasy literature, nature and 

Review: “Prey” by On My Command

We’ve always said that when it comes to Metal, the first bite is with the eye and even in the digital age, the cover art is vitally important as it paints a picture of what an album might be like. If you haven’t heard of a band before, no matter where the record came from,

Review: “Forsaken Dynasty” by Blasphemous Creation

Hailing from Reno Nevada, Blasphemous Creation are a Thrash Metal infused Death Metal quartet who have been crafting their sound since 2006. In that time the quartet, who now consist of Isaac Wilson (vocals, guitar), Joe Amos (guitar), TJ Taughlin (bass, backing vocals) and Evan Richardson (drums) have gone through a couple of line up