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Review: “Ways Of The Pack” by Wolftopia

Recorded in the bands home studios in Vaasa over the summer of 2020 before being mixed and mastered by Ahti Kortelainen (Mysterizer, Skullrod, Eternal Tears of Sorrow) at Tico Tico Studios “Ways of the Pack” is the debut album of Finnish Melodic Death Metal quartet Wolftopia. Inspired by a love of fantasy literature, nature and 

Review: “Prey” by On My Command

We’ve always said that when it comes to Metal, the first bite is with the eye and even in the digital age, the cover art is vitally important as it paints a picture of what an album might be like. If you haven’t heard of a band before, no matter where the record came from,

Review: “Forsaken Dynasty” by Blasphemous Creation

Hailing from Reno Nevada, Blasphemous Creation are a Thrash Metal infused Death Metal quartet who have been crafting their sound since 2006. In that time the quartet, who now consist of Isaac Wilson (vocals, guitar), Joe Amos (guitar), TJ Taughlin (bass, backing vocals) and Evan Richardson (drums) have gone through a couple of line up

Review: “Solitude” from Befell

A brand new band forged in the fires of the Great Plague, writing and recording their parts remotely in isolation in the hope that they would at some point share a practice space let alone a stage, Bruce Boring (vocals and guitars), Mitchell Caprio (guitars), and Jace Ebersole (drums) chose the moniker Befell for themselves.

Review: “Ritual Warfare” by Temtris

Hailing from Shoalhaven and Sydney, New South Wales, Australia are a five piece Metal outfit who originally formed 21 years ago as Labyrinth then rebranded Labyrinthia before finally ploughing ahead under the moniker Temtris. For original members Anthony Fox (Guitars) and Genevieve Rodda (Vocals) the unveiling of “Ritual Warfare” marks the bands sixth studio album

Review: “Dead End Pt. 1” by WarCall

After four well-received albums under their collective belts in 2008’s “Demonarchy“, 2013’s “Blood, Guts and Dirt“, 2015’s “III” and 2017’s “Invaders“, DIY Canadian quartet WarCall have set their signs on unleashing not one but two new EPs in 2021. Each one is said to represent a different side to the bands coin and recorded and mixed

Review: “In Absence” by Cathartic Demise

Embellished with cover art by Ioannis Vassilopoulas, the debut full length album from Kitchener, Ontario Progressive Thrash Metal quartet Cathartic Demise is the culmination of five years of working on their craft. Formed in 2017 by high school friends Angus Pike (drums) and Bennett Smith (guitar, vocals) who were joined by bassist Aaron Tanner and

NEWS: Wilderun reimagine “Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son”!

Taking an Iron Maiden classic and putting your own spin on it is a risky business but as Boston quintet Wilderun prove with their rendition of “Seventh Son  Of A Seventh Son”, it can also be one worth taking. Having re-released their third album “Veil Of Imagination” via Century Media Records last summer, they’ve stunned us with material both beautiful and fiery. “I

Riff Police! Pull Over! #142: Judas Priest Vs Gamma Ray!

Arguably the album that kick started the Metal glory days in the 1980’s was “British Steel” by Judas Priest, with huge singles “Living After Midnight” and “Breaking The Law“. Recorded at Tittenhurst Park, the home of former Beatle drummer Ringo Starr, it remains one of just three of their albums to be played live in