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NEWS: Insomnium share “The Wanderer” video!

Celebrating the release of their new EP “Argent Moon“, Finnish Melodic Death Metal pioneers Insomnium have presented a video for “The Wanderer”, meaning that every single cut on the EP has had one. The quintet will once again be touring across mainland Europe in November and December before joining Finntroll for a run of shows

Review: “Argent Moon” by Insomnium

Having reached the nirvana of their aspirations with the critically acclaimed album “Heart Like A Grave” in October 2019 and finding themselves at the top of the Finnish album charts as well as in the German top #10, Insomnium could have been forgiven for thinking that they would spend at least the next 18 months

Interview: Insomnium talk “Argent Moon” with Heavy New York!

Last month saw the release of a third single in  “The Antagonist“ following  “The Conjurer“ and “The Reticent“ from  Finnish Melodic Death Metal pioneers Insomnium as they prepare for the release of their new EP  “Argent Moon” on  17th September via Century Media. Continuing the build up in the finest possible way, guitarist and clean

NEWS: Insomnium offer “The Antagonist“!

Following previously released singles “The Conjurer“ and “The Reticent“, a third of four songs that will appear on a new EP from Finnish Melodic Death Metal pioneers Insomnium has surfaced in “The Antagonist“. The EP itself, which is titled “Argent Moon”, will be released worldwide on 17th September via Century Media Records so we hope

NEWS: Insomnium offer “The Reticent”!

Like so many,  Finnish Melodic Death Metal masters Insomnium suffered being unable to tour during the Global Pandemic but it hit them harder than most as in October 2019 they had unveiled the critically acclaimed “Heart Like a Grave“. A commercial success, entering the German Top #10 and #1 in Finland, they had big plans

Interview: Insomnium on Metal Blade Live!

The surprise of a new single in “The Conjurer” from Insomnium last week has perhaps prompted Riley McShane of Allegaeon to host guitarist Markus Vanhala in the latest episode of the long running Metal Blade Live Series. The Finnish Death Metal band had released their eighth studio album in “Heart Like A Grave” a few

NEWS: Insomnium unveil “The Conjurer” ahead of Winter Tour!

Finnish Melodic Death Metal masters Insomnium have unveiled a new single in “The Conjurer” despite guitarist Ville Friman not being able to join the video shoot due to the current Global Pandemic. There is little doubt that the cut will be given its live debut during either Meh Suff! Festival in September or Unholy Winter Festival

NEWS: Omnivortex provide a “Barren” blueprint!

November might seem like a long way off but you’ll only have to wait 87 days until “Diagrams of Consciousness” from Helsinki, Finland Progressive Death Metal quintet Omnivortex drops via Concorde Music Company. That will be on the 20th, with pre-orders for their debut album available here. Having formed in 2019, it’s impressive that the

Review: “Through Endless Darkness” by Solemnity

Formed back in 2016 by Amit Luther (Orchestration, Piano, Guitar) and Dan Benton (Vocals, Guitars) as creators, looking to formulate something sonically diverse.  Blurring the edges of Melodic Death Metal, Solemnity was born when they were joined by Dan Dean on bass and the trio take influence from Insomnium, Be’lakor and In Mourning, they have been spent