Spotlight: 12 Artists you have to respect, even of you don’t like them?

Have you ever come across a band that you think you should like (and you want to) but for some unfathomable reason, you just can’t seem to get into their sound? You might like one or two songs but with so many other fish in the sea when it comes to checking out a full album, you just can’t get motivated? Well Kerrang Magazine have put together a list of “12 Artists you have to respect, even if you don’t like them” and as you might expect there are some real Marmite characters on it. One of them is A Day To Remember vocalist Jeremy McKinnon. They’re a band who have always had a split personality with some choice heavier cuts like “2nd Sucks” in amongst the Punk Goes Pop type cuts like “All I Want“. For us, 2008’s “For Those Who Have Heart” is their finest complete work. You can read the original article in full here.


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