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Bootleg: Three from the Ice House from Ill Nino!

With their legal issues resolved if you wondered what Latin Nu-Metallers Ill Nino might sound like live with Marcos Leal (Shattered Sun), Jes De Hoyos (Sons of Texas) and Salvadore Dominguez (ex-Upon a Burning Body) respectively on board then here’s something for you. From the bands set at the Brewster Street Ice House, here are

Review: “Dead Life” by Arhat

Forming in Kyiv, Ukraine in 2017, Ethnic Groove Metal act Arhat released their first demo “Mantra” in January 2018 which led them to perform at Black Sea Metal Festival that summer, releasing single “Stately Ruins” shortly before hand. The seasoned musicians went from strength to strength and the following summer performed at United Metal Festival in

NEWS: Ill Nino return once more…

Now that the dust has settled around the legal disputes over the ownership of the Ill Nino name, it’s time for some new music. The “new” version of the group now consists of original drummer Dave Chavarri and bassist Laz Pina joined by Marcos Leal on vocals, Jes DeHoyos on lead guitar, Sal Dominguez on

Vs. Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins?! FIGHT! Wasted Years.

When guitarist Marc Rizzo left Ill Nino and joined Soulfly, his importance in both groups was seen almost immediately. The effect on his former band was that they lost a virtuoso performer who was full of stunning and imaginative ideas, leaving their future work sounding pretty flat and ordinary in comparison to their earlier material.

Bootleg: Factory 81 in Columbus Ohio!

A Nu-Metal compilation album that saw a whole host of bands take on Hip-Hop classics and make them their own landed in our laps 20 years ago entitled “Take A Bite Outta Rhyme” and featuring everyone from Dope, Nonpoint and Factory 81. The choice of Factory 81 was “Insane In The Brain” by Cypress Hill,

Bootleg: Ill Nino in New York!

On their “Revolution Revolución” debut album tour in 2001, Latin American infused Nu-Metal act Ill Nino played Wetlands Preserve on 28th August. That run saw the band joined by Roadrunner Records label mates Chimaira and their vocalist Mark Hunter joined them on stage nightly for a cover of “Eye For An Eye” by Soulfly as well

NEWS: Former Ill Nino frontman returns with “Die Alone”!

Having come to some form of agreement to allow Ill Nino to continue without him after a long running feud and legal dispute, Cristian Machado has finally seen some light at the end of the tunnel in the form “Die Alone“. The track is from his Latin American influenced solo acoustic record “Hollywood y Sycamore“.

Bootleg: Ill Nino at Wacken!

Throwing back just five years, Wacken have dropped these performances of “I Am Loco“, “God Save Us” and “How Can I Live” from US Nu-Metallers Ill Nino. Their debut “Revolution Revolución” album is still arguably their best and despite being known for the vocals of Cristian Machado, he’s now out of the group after some

Interview: Cristian Machado talks to Heavy New York!

When the legal battle between the members of Ill Nino came to and end, the statement that was released stated that a trio of members now out of the new line up including vocalist Cristian Machado, would be pursuing other projects. Well, we haven’t had to wait long to find out exactly what that means