Review: “H8” by M.O.D. ClassicTK

The story goes that when talks didn’t go according to plan for an M.O.D. (Method of Destruction) 30th Anniversary reunion to play debut album “U.S.A. for M.O.D.” in full with the original line up, guitarist Tim “The Riffmaster” McMurtrie and bassist Ken “Angry Corpse” Ballone decided to take the path less traveled. The unmistakable legendary ferocious rhythm section who were a big part of the success of that 1987 Crossover Thrash classic reached out to vocalist Donny ‘The DRP’ Polinske of Sore and Primer 55 fame and drummer James Demaria of Heathen and TOXXIK and formed a new band…

M.O.D. ClassicTK is the moniker the quartet have chosen for themselves, which is perhaps an indication that the band plan to play cuts from “U.S.A. for M.O.D.” when they take to the road and with their ambition to release a run of EPs, there will be more than a few eyes on them and influenced musicians willing to help them out. The interesting thing about this debut is that of the trio of guests, two of them are guitarists laying down solos to bolster the sound. Opener “H8” sees the band joined by Thom Hazaert, a scene veteran who is known as a musician, author, journalist, music executive and radio personality, not to mention being the vocalist of the solo band of former Megadeth bassist David Ellefson and the bass drive that starts it off is oddly enough very Primer 55, all that’s missing is a pick slide as it breaks into more familiar riffage. The first surprise is that  Polinske adopts the style of M.O.D. vocalist Billy Milano with ease as the band dive headlong into a socially aware fist pumping anthem that sees the quartet in blistering form. “Hipster Invasion” sees the band joined by Michael Romeo of Symphony X who brings the leads to a cut with more swagger and less energy but that is just as much fun but not as much as “Punk Ass Bitch” which leans on the comedy element that Milano brought to the group with repeating sing-a-long sections that have an instant hook. The bridge between Stormtroopers Of Death and Methods Of Destruction was always a short one and the Scott Ian esq Hardcore Punk riffs of “Keyboard Gangster” hark back to those records with more than a hint of nostalgic delight. The influence of New Yorkers Sick Of It All in the rampaging finale that is “No” that sees Marc Rizzo at his finest. What more could you possibly want? Another 15 tracks. It’s short, it’s sharp and it’s on point. Make no mistake, this is a reborn M.O.D. that sounds fresh, reinvigorated and armed with intent [7/10]

Track listing

  1. H8 (ft. Thom Hazaert)
  2. Hipster Invasion (ft. Michael Romeo of Symphony X)
  3. P.A.B.
  4. Keyboard Gangster
  5. No (ft. Marc Rizzo ex-Soulfly ex-Ill Niño)

H8” by M.O.D. ClassicTK is out now via Force 5 Records

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