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NEWS: The Cavalera brothers return to 1985!

14th July will see not one but two re-recorded  Sepultura albums released under the name Cavalera by brothers Max and Iggor via Nuclear Blast. 1985’s “Bestial Devastation” and it’s follow up in 1986’s “Morbid Visions” and are records in question with both being mixed and mastered by Arthur Rizk (Municipal Waste, Kreator, Jungle Rot). Intriguingly

Review: “Kaarnaköydet​” by Kouta

A year ago around the release of their debut EP “Aarnihauta” we interviewed Finnish Folk inspired Black Metal act Kouta only to discover that they had a long term plan in place and had already recorded a full length album in follow up to release in 2023. Titled “Kaarnakoydet” or “Dark Experiments” and recorded and mixed

NEWS: Concrete Age begin remaster series with “Reborn”!

As Concrete Age celebrate 12 years of Ethnic Death Thrash infused Groove Metal, the band have begun to unveil a series of remastered works with “Reborn“, the very first cut they recorded, the first out of hell’s gate. The project began back in 2011 in London and haven’t looked back since, this year’s “Bardo Thodol”

NEWS: Baltavar take us to their World?

If you missed it, Bulgarian Groove Thrash Metallers Baltavar have plucked another from their recently released album “Dark Science” for a lyric video. Their cut of choice is “My World” from the WormHoleDeath Records release which offers something to fans of Soulfly with the band enjoying a few melodic meanderings in the middle of their

Documentary: Crazy Tour Stories with Misery Index!

It’s no secret that one of our favourite albums of 2022 was “Complete Control” by Misery Index, the Baltimore Maryland Death Metal acts debut for Century Media after a twenty year career that started with EP “Overthrow” in 2001. In this latest episode of the Crazy Tour Stories series from Digital Tour Bus that was

Review: “In Accordance With The Prophecy” by Gyaos:Diabolical

A homage to the 1979 John Frankenheimer monster movie Prophecy, engineered and produced by Don Fury (Agnostic Front, Sick Of It All, Quicksand), “In Accordance With The Prophecy” is the sophomore album of Austin Koll under the moniker Gyaos:Diabolical. The story goes that after spending many years playing, recording and touring as a drummer in several

Review: “Bardo Thodol” by Concrete Age

Founded by multi instrumentalist Ilia “Frosty J” Morozov (vocals, guitars, ethnic instruments) in a small town in the South of Russia in October 2011, in November 2015 Concrete Age relocated to London to continue their illustrious career. In their time to date they have brought us no less than seven albums from 2012’s “Time to

Bootleg: Max & Iggor “Return Beneath Arise” tour!

Filmed at The Underground in Charlotte North Carolina on 19th October here’s Max & Iggor Cavalera continuing their “Return Beneath Arise” tour. The pair who everyone knows founded Brazilian Thrash Gods Sepultura but are no longer in the band and have periodically been touring to celebrate the seminal albums like “Beneath the Remains” (1989) and

Bootleg: Max and Iggor Cavalera “Return To Roots”!

It seems a little strange that a few days after the release of the new Soulfly album “Totem” that  Max and Iggor Cavalera would be in San Paulo Brazil to once again “Return To Roots“. But they were and the full set from 7th August at Audio Club that celebrates 25 years of the record

Review: “Totem” by Soulfly

Twenty five years after their inception the arrival of the twelfth album from Phoenix Arizona based Soulfly in “Totem” is one that offers a certain amount of intrigue. What kind of riffs is Max Cavalera going to bring to the King’s table in the absence of Marc Rizzo following last summers less than amicable departure?