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Documentary: Soulfly gear rundown with Max Cavalera!

It looks as though Digital Tour Bus have run out of new footage to bring us after the better part of four months without tours passing through their Chicago Illinois base. So in the spirit of make do and mend they’re revisiting some classics to keep us entertained. First up is this live rig rundown

Interview: “Quadra” Q&A part #10 from Sepultura!

It’s that time of the week again! Like groundhog day, Brazilian Thrash Gods Sepultura have been dropping an incredible weekly interview series with fan Q&A’s, guests galore, a playthrough rehearsal style and much, much more. This week the track is the absolute classic “Desperate Cry” which sees the band joined by former Shadows Fall pairing

Bootleg: “Under Rapture” from Soulfly!

Nuclear Blast have gone back to 11th February 2019, to a show that Soulfly played at the Gramery Theatre in New York City, New York for a second time in recent weeks to release “Under Rapture” culled from the bands set. That show was surprise released as a live EP entitled “Live Ritual NYC MMXIX”

Bootleg: “The Summoning” by Soulfly!

Nuclear Blast have released an official live video of Soulfly performing “The Summoning” at The Gramercy Theater in New York City on 11th February 2019. It’s the opening track from their brand new 27 minute, 7 song live EP entitled “Live Ritual NYC MMXIX“, which is streaming over on Spotify here

Review: “Path To Immortality” by Voices Of Ruin

Releasing three albums in a decade on the scene might not seem like that much but with each installment, Anaheim Californian quintet Voices Of Ruin have upped their game. This time out they have spared no expense and worked with Machine Head, Soulfy and Once Human guitarist Logan Mader (Gojira, SepticFlesh), who produced the album

Vs. Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins? FIGHT! Helmet.

Formed in 1989, Alternative Metal act Helmet have had just one consistent member in 31 years, the almighty Page Hamilton. Immortalised by the Evergreen Terrace track “Chaney Can’t Quite Riff Like Page Hamilton” it was their second studio album in 1992 entitled “Meantime” which has become their most influential, largely in its wake. The album

Bootleg: Soulfly in Brooklyn New York!

Taking their ritual to the masses and playing an intimate show at the Saint Vitus Bar in Brooklyn New York on 29th February 2020, Soulfly continue to be a Max Cavalera project that delivers the goods, thanks in part to the brilliance of guitarist Marc Rizzo. The man has made him indispensable to the band

NEWS: Jasta and Cavalera return from war!

The next link in the chain sees Hatebreed frontman Jamey Jasta drop a lyric video for “Return From War” from his second solo album “The Lost Chapters Vol. #2“. Soulfly frontman Max Cavalera lends his throat to the track from and album loaded with guest appearances, including Emmure vocalist Frankie Palmeri, Jesse Leach of Killswitch

Throwback: “What Comes Around” by Ill Niño!

Following the news that after a year long legal battle Latin American Alternative Nu-Metal act Ill Niño will continue on with just two original members in drummer Dave Chavarri (Terror Universal, Pro-Pain) and bassist Lazaro Pina, which you can read about here, we’ve decided to take a trip down memory lane to their 450k selling

Playthrough: “Absolute Zero” from Stone Sour!

It maybe some time before Stone Sour get back together for their next adventure in audio so drummer Ray Mayorga has kept himself busy. Not only has he been on the drum still for Hell Yeah but also writing and recording synths for the new Wednesday 13 album. We’ve followed his career since his Soulfly