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NEWS: DiAmorte premier “Where The Light Grows Cold”!

Featuring a cast of musicians that includes Colin Parks (Devilment, Ghosts Of Atlantis) and James Dortan (Black Crown Initiate) as well as session musicians including James Stewart (Decapitated), Mike LePond and Michael J. Romeo (Symphony X), Theatrical Metal Opera act DiAmorte have unveiled “Where The Light Grows Cold” that features the Budapest Scoring Orchestra via

Review: “H8” by M.O.D. ClassicTK

The story goes that when talks didn’t go according to plan for an M.O.D. (Method of Destruction) 30th Anniversary reunion to play debut album “U.S.A. for M.O.D.” in full with the original line up, guitarist Tim “The Riffmaster” McMurtrie and bassist Ken “Angry Corpse” Ballone decided to take the path less traveled. The unmistakable legendary

Riff Police! Pull Over! #149: Time Requiem Vs Symphony X!

Going well in Japan, Time Requiem had toured the country the after the release of their self titled debut album and recorded a live album which premiered some new material including “Visions of New Dawn“. 2004 saw the sophomore album from the project Master minded by former Majestic keyboard player Richard Andersson unveiled in “The

Riff Police! Pull Over! #120: Killswitch Engage Vs Symphony X!

The year 2000 saw “V: The New Mythology Suite” from Symphony X, a Progressive Metal outfit formed in New Jersey in 1994. A concept album that retells the myth of Atlantis with moments about Ancient Egyptian mythology and Astrology, it marks a continuation of the bands heavier styling while also incorporating moments of classical music.

Exclusive Interview: Dakesis talk “Fractures”!

At the end of March we reviewed “Fractures” by Birmingham Progressive Power Metallers Dakesis, the third studio album from a band celebrating 12 years together. We had the privilege of being granted an audience with bassist and vocalist Amie Chatterley and drummer Adam Harris to ask a few questions, so this is what they said…

NEWS: Jeremy Ross Lawler crowdfunding second single!

Jeremy Ross Lawler has released a video in which he discusses the lyrics for a new song with the draft title “Love Speaks“. The song is one about a friend who sadly died of cancer and would follow “Last To Fall” which features guest appearances from members of Winter’s Edge, End of Salvation, Monarchy, Mask

NEWS: Jeremy Ross Lawler won’t be the “Last to Fall”!

Jeremy Ross Lawler has unveiled a new single entitled “Last to Fall” about Lucifer’s banishment from heaven cursing him in the darkest place on earth and is the first part of a fictional tale on Lucifer and his journey to how he became so evil and bad… Edited, Mixed and Marc Wüstenhagen at Dailyhero Recordings