NEWS: Jeremy Ross Lawler won’t be the “Last to Fall”!

Jeremy Ross Lawler has unveiled a new single entitled “Last to Fall” about Lucifer’s banishment from heaven cursing him in the darkest place on earth and is the first part of a fictional tale on Lucifer and his journey to how he became so evil and bad…

Edited, Mixed and Marc Wüstenhagen at Dailyhero Recordings the song also features an all star cast of players… Carsten Hille – Lead Vocals (Earacle, Fairytale Metal, Javelin) Greg Draven – Lead Vocals (Actor from Game of Thrones, Justice League Movie) Charlotte Jones – Backing Vocals (Winter’s Edge) Jeremy Ross Lawler – Rhythm Guitars and Keys (Ex-Winter’s Edge) Peter Lancaster – Guitar Solo One (Monarchy, Taller Than Jane) Frank Clow – Guitar Solo Two (End Of Salvation) Nicholas Meeks – Guitar Solo Three (Winter’s Edge) Mike LePond – Bass (Mike LePond’s Silent Assassins, Symphony X) Jof Walsh – Drums (ALIASES, Mask of Judas).

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