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NEWS: Jeremy Ross Lawler crowdfunding second single!

Jeremy Ross Lawler has released a video in which he discusses the lyrics for a new song with the draft title “Love Speaks“. The song is one about a friend who sadly died of cancer and would follow “Last To Fall” which features guest appearances from members of Winter’s Edge, End of Salvation, Monarchy, Mask

NEWS: Jeremy Ross Lawler won’t be the “Last to Fall”!

Jeremy Ross Lawler has unveiled a new single entitled “Last to Fall” about Lucifer’s banishment from heaven cursing him in the darkest place on earth and is the first part of a fictional tale on Lucifer and his journey to how he became so evil and bad… Edited, Mixed and Marc W├╝stenhagen at Dailyhero Recordings

Live Review: Krysthla @ Reading Face Bar

Tonight is our first visit to The Face Bar in Reading, a smaller venue with a growing reputation, two rooms, and a pair of stages. Tonight Krysthla are in town with a half dayer sized bill of bands in tow on a night that promises to get progressively heavier as it goes on… Weaponry [7/10]