Review: “Voice Of Reason” by Secreum

Recorded at Ignite AMR by former Winter’s Edge guitarist Nicholas Meek who became their bass player in 2022 and adorned by cover art from Charlotte Jones (who makes a guest vocal appearance on the title track), “Voice Of Reason” marks the sophomore EP from London Progressive Groove Death Metal four piece Secreum. As a band they’ve been around for more than a decade, originally starting out in 2011, however guitarist and vocalist Sonny Antoniou (Throne of Icarus, Gates of the Fallen, ex-Angel Nation, ex-Annunciation) is the only original member. He’s joined by guitarist Deano Coldham (Body Throne, Sewer Trench, ex-Deep Throat Trauma, ex-Annunciation), drummer Shawn Tillett (ex-Total Consumption, Consumed, ex-Disfigurmentation) alongside Meeks for this one, which represents the continuation of a dark new dawn…

…as it continues where their debut 2021 EP “Embrace” ended with the blisteringly hot Death Thrash monster that is “Unspoken“. Savage uncleans from Antoniou during the verse parts which threaten to burst the ear drums are enhanced by a few clean sung lines as he showcases an impressive vocal range. As if that wasn’t enough excitement, a tapping section that leads into a fretboard smouldering solo from Coldham is nothing short of jaw dropping. Wrap all that in crushing riffs and pummelling percussion and you’ve got a modern interpretation of what Morbid Angel were doing in the 1980’s. It’s that good. “Clouds” continues to deal with the injustices we witness in everyday life with a slower build from foundation in Melodic Death Metal making for a cut with more elegance about it. That doesn’t mean it’s any less anvil heavy, Antoniou breaking through some of the melancholic overtones with vicious vocals in a crushing final third. Smashing through the skull like a wrecking ball, title track “Voice Of Reason” finds guest vocalist Charlotte Jones as the main protagonist rather than making a cameo appearance. She delivers the kind of throat shredding performance that Lauren Hart of Once Human or Alissa White-Gluz of Arch Enemy would be proud while the band provide a suitably fitting hellscape. Sinister edged riffs build the momentum as pummelling percussive battery makes the ground tremble beneath the feet, each moment a subliminal call to a mosh pit from a voice beyond the abyss. “Venomous” might be labelled as a bonus track but this hell raising Speed Thrash tinged affair which has a couple of Gojira flavoured riffs at it’s beating black heart is of no less quality than the rest of the material on offer here. Another scorching solo leads into some tasteful sections of groove as the band slow the tempo down for devastating final onslaught that is the absolute Chef’s Kiss. Goodnight Vienna, Secreum should be opening for Trivium at the next available opportunity [8.5/10]

Track Listing

  1. Unspoken
  2. Clouds
  3. Voice Of Reason (ft. Charlotte Jones)
  4. Venomous

Voice Of Reason” by Secreum is out now and available over at bandcamp.

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