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NEWS: CrazyEightyEight cover RATM with 11 vocalists!

It seems that Jarrod Alonge and Jared Dines have buried the hatchet as in this new cover of “Killing In The Name Of” by Rage Against The Machine by the formers band CrazyEightyEight in support of the fight against Police brutality, the later is listed as one of a myriad of guest vocalists. For those not

NEWS: Hollow Front make second offering from “Loose Threads”!

…with a week to go before their 19th June slated new offering “Loose Threads” Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Lee Albrecht Studios, Grand Rapids, Michigan Metalcore quartet Hollow Front have premiered a second music video from the album. Following the impressive title track drop a couple of weeks back, they’ve turned to “Serendipity” to whet

NEWS: Hollow Front pull at the…

Grand Rapids, Michigan Metalcore quartet Hollow Front have announced a new album entitled “Loose Threads” in style with an epic music video for the title track premiering over at Dreambound earlier today. You’re not going to have to wait to long for your fix either with the album as a whole set for 19th June

NEWS: Hollow Front won’t get “Left Behind”!

Grand Rapids Michigan Metalcore collective Hollow Front have a week of shows booked courtesy of Artery Global that will see them at Annihilation Fest in Toledo Ohio with the likes of Atreyu and Whitechapel on 8th November! They’ve delivered on long teased new single for the trek with “Left Behind” out today!

Metal Noise TV: December 2018!

December brought 54 Epic Metal Videos to Metal Noise TV from Justice For The Damned, Dematerialize, Alpha Wolf, Captives, Blue Felix, Love Lost, Sumo Cyco, InVisions, Holehearted, Dagger Threat, Carnifex, To The Rats And Wolves, Kadinja, Dehyrated, Winds of Plague, Born from Pain, Infected Rain, Sins Of Jezebel, Currents, This Wild Life, Acaedia, Judiciary, Blood

NEWS: “Still Life” unplugged from Hollow Front!

Grand Rapids Michigan’s Hollow Front have surprised a few with an unplugged version of “Still Life” appearing earlier today via Dreambound. The Metalcore quartet who are usually known for their heavier and post-hardcore emotional leanings have however pulled this out of the box for Christmas. Enjoy!

NEWS: Hollow Front “Don’t Fall Asleep”!

Grand Rapids Michigan Metalcore quartet Hollow Front have released a brand new music video for “Don’t Fall Asleep” from EP “Still Life” out now via Beckwith Records. They’ve also started working on the pre-production for their debut album!  

Playlist: The Best New Music In METAL!

Music is full of opinion. It brings people together but it also creates division. Who’s better than who? Who’s the best at this? Who sounds better than that? Metal Hammer produced a list of their “best new music” from rock and metal in the last 14 days which… frankly, we disagreed with. We’re Metal Hammer