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NEWS: Gravemind suffer “Phantom Pain”!

The next wave of albums from Australian talent starts on 19th July with debut album “Conduit” from Gravemind via Greyscale Records! They’re seeking your pre-orders with single “Phantom Pain” complete with Music Video treatment. They’re playing some shows this summer in their homeland with Alpha Wolf, Boris The Blade, Dead of Winter and Make Them

NEWS: From Sorrow To Serenity claim “We Are Liberty”!

Firmly carved into the tombstone is 22nd March, the date that will see new album “Reclaim” swim from the depths to the surface and bring Glaswegian Metallers From Sorrow To Serenity back around once more. The album will appear via Long Branch Records and see the band join Boris The Blade and Betraying the Martyrs

Playthrough: “Hecatomb” from Boris The Blade!

Recorded at Core Studios in Gold Coast Australia by Collin Jeffs, Boris The Blade have landed a drum playthrough of “Hecatomb” from their stunningly good EP “Infernum” upon our table. Sticksman Karl Steller shows us how it’s done. If you’ve not checked out the EP, let us tell you how good it is in our

Playlist: The Best New Music In METAL!

Music is full of opinion. It brings people together but it also creates division. Who’s better than who? Who’s the best at this? Who sounds better than that? Metal Hammer produced a list of their “best new music” from rock and metal in the last 14 days which… frankly, we disagreed with. We’re Metal Hammer

Review: “Infernum” EP by Boris The Blade

Technical Deathcore quintet comprised of vocalist Daniel Sharp, drummer Karl Steller, bassist Chad Chatz and guitarist duo Josh Lording and Brad Mackenzie are collectively known as Boris The Blade, a band named after the character from the Guy Richie film Snatch, played by Rade Serbedzija, that centres around a bare knuckle boxing match. The quintet are