Review: “Infernum” EP by Boris The Blade

Technical Deathcore quintet comprised of vocalist Daniel Sharp, drummer Karl Steller, bassist Chad Chatz and guitarist duo Josh Lording and Brad Mackenzie are collectively known as Boris The Blade, a band named after the character from the Guy Richie film Snatch, played by Rade Serbedzija, that centres around a bare knuckle boxing match. The quintet are one of a growing number of bands hailing from the recent hotbed of Metal that is Australia and are based out of Melbourne. New EP “Infernum” dropped at the beginning of August so we figured it was time we checked it out.

“Anathema” gets things off to a bouncy riff laden start before Sharp’s vocals kick in. Ranging from an almost rap-screamed bark to dark buried harsh whisper, he demonstrates fine form. The rhythm section provides a highly impressive underpinning and drives the song to a crushing closing. It’s an urgent and powerful pace setter. “Hecatomb” gets off to an eerie atmospheric start before drum fills come crashing in. Technical Deathcore riffage and blast beats through the verse are accompanied by some powerful vocals when then take a left turn for a Metallic Hardcore style breakdown segment and verse. The song also includes a couple of epic guitar solos which you wouldn’t necessarily have expected in this genre.

“Nefarious” leads off with another slow burn atmospheric introduction, this time around using a buried speech sample and building instrumentation through it to set the tone. It’s a 90 second introduction piece for EP closer “Thernody” and in all honesty, you’ll think they are the same song as they flow together and are insperable. “Thernody” Pummeling rhythms then smash through the instruction with anti-religious lyrics about burning down the church and the book. The surprise of a clean vocal verse accompanied by Metalcore guitars before a harsh whisper just makes the break back into the final, brutal Deathcore closing. It’s whirlwinds of riffage are a joy and it’s lyrics will no doubt prevent them from touring with the likes of Fit For A King or Impending Doom, but you write what you want to convey and the rest will work itself out.

“Inferum” is a fine addition to Boris The Blade’s release catalogue. Essentially 3 tracks, it comes off as a headbanging return to form and a stop gap release before the next album. It’s one of those EPs that is over before it’s begun, blink and you’ll miss it and it leaves you crying out for more [9/10]

Track listing

  1. Anathema
  2. Hecatomb
  3. Nefarious
  4. Threnody

“Infernum” by Boris The Blade is out now and available over at bandcamp.

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