Where Are They Now? #3 Dry Kill Logic

Formed circa 1995 in Westchester County, New York as Hinge, Dry Kill Logic changed their name and rose to the main stage from humble beginnings. First creating their own label, Psychodrama Records upon which they released two EPs and spawned the unforgettable “Pork Chop Sandwich”. In 2000, they were picked up by Roadrunner Records for their 2001 major label debut “The Darker Side of Nonsense”. Produced by the then Anthrax Guitarist Rob Caggiano and Eddie Wohl, featuring guest appearances from Primer 55‘s Bobby Burns and J-Sin and perhaps incorrectly tagged “Nu-Metal” and more in keeping with Tommy Victor’s Prong, it saw the band tour the world with Roadrunner label mates from Ill Nino to Fear Factory.

2004 saw the band release their second full length “The Dead and Dreaming” and tour the world with ex-Coal Chamber frontman’s then new band Devildriver. Enjoying the success of single “Paper Tiger” the band honed their sound for the 2006 album “Of Vengeance and Violence”. The band smoothed down the edges of their sound and delivered a joy of an album, but as Metalcore was reaching it’s height, they were out of touch with the scene and playing catch up. The New York 4 piece then disappeared under the radar to take a brake from the rigorous of touring and concentrate on their home lives and other side projects. As of 2016 however, the band are back and rehearsing together on a regular basis. Perhaps there is more life in the band and a new self-released EP on their label isn’t out of the question?

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