Where Are They Now?! Carried Weight

4 years ago, Pasadena California Metallic Hardcore crew Carried Weight were keeping some impressive company as their self-titled EP dropped and made waves as an Unsigned crew.

While Traitors, Knocked Loose & Kublai Khan have gone from strength to strength and become household names in the current scene, regularly touring the World over, Carried Weight seemed to be left behind. Just look at this Chugcore Promotions Readers Poll from 2014 if evidence is needed.

So we ask that question, where are they now? The answer? Still touring. They were given a lift when they appeared at the release show for the new Impending Doom album “The Sin And Doom Vol. II” at Chain Reaction in Anaheim California. While new material hasn’t appeared that regularly, new singles like “Waste” have made an impact.

All they need is a big tour and some A&R attention and they could well be the next big thing on the scene with their next release. For now, check out their current material over at bandcamp.

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