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Bootleg: Kublai Khan at Chain Reaction in Anaheim California!

Much to our disbelief, for the second time this weekend 197 Media have pulled aborhe one  from the archive. Like a rabid from the hat they have pulled a full set from the almighty Kublai Khan at the iconic Chain Reaction in Anaheim California on 28th November 2021. It’s half an hour of power that

Bootleg: Kublai Khan in Philadelphia Pennsylvania!

Pro-shot at The First Unitarian Church in Philadelphia Pennsylvania on 16th May, here’s a full set, half an hour of power, from Metallic Hardcore heavy hitters Kublai Khan as they take new EP “Lowest Form Of Animal” to the four corners of the Globe. Yes, we did just make the Earth sound flat and no

Playthrough: Kublai Khan in Pomona California!

Filmed at the Fox Theatre in Pomona California on 24th April, dedicated drum cam footage of Kublai Khan sticksman Isaac Lamb performing “Loyal to None“, “The Hammer” and the almighty “Antpile” has surfaced. The Texas heavy hitters are currently on the “A Tear In The Fabric of Life” US run with Knocked Loose, Movements and

Bootleg: Kublai Khan in Lakewood Ohio!

Before their new EP “Lowest Form Of Animal” was released Texas heavy hitters Kublai Khan were rolling across the US with The Acacia Strain in December and stopped at The Foundry Concert Club in Lakewood Ohio. Their half an hour of power set was caught in multi cam glory and put together by the legendary

Review: “Lowest Form Of Animal” by Kublai Khan

Playing a style of Metallic Hardcore reminiscent of bands like Integrity and Earth Crisis, the unstoppable rise of Kublai Khan from humble beginnings in Sherman Texas in 2010 to become a truly international touring force in has been nothing short of meteoric following the huge success of the phenomenal and critically acclaimed “Nomad” in 2017.

NEWS: Malevolence get sentenced to life!

Entrusting Daniel Priess (Terror, Acranius, Nasty) to do them proud with a top drawer music video, Sheffield shredders Malevolence have shared a second single from their major label debut album “Malicious Intent” which is set for 20th May via Nuclear Blast. Following “On Broken Glass“, the band have chosen “Life Sentence” for the purpose from

Documentary: “Creating The Chosen” Part #2 from Enterprise Earth

The second part of the making of featurette from Dan Watson, Gabe Mangold and Brandon Zackey otherwise know as Spokane, Washington Blackened Deathcore outfit Enterprise Earth for their recent album “The Chosen“ has surfaced. After four big singles in “Where Dreams Are Broken“, “Reanimate // Disintegrate“, “Legends Never Die” and “You Couldn’t Save Me” the

NEWS: Kublai Khan premier “Loyalty To None”!

It’s seems like only yesterday when “Nomad” dropped like a ten ton hammer and Texas Metallic Hardcore unit Kublai Khan introduced us to “Antpile” for the first time. Before they head out on a US run with Knocked Loose the heat bringing band have given us the first cut from a new EP in “Loyalty

Bootleg: Kublai Khan in Philadelphia!

Another pro-shot full set from the mighty Texan Metallic Hardcore heat bringers Kublai Khan, this time from 15th December at The First Unitarian Church is exactly what we want to see as “The Hammer” fast approaches 8 million Spotify streams since it’s 2017 appearance. If it goes ahead then they’ll be upon our shores with