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Exclusive Interview: Dry Kill Logic talk new material!

After the better part of a decade in the wilderness, Westchester New York residents Dry Kill Logic have returned with a pair of new singles in “Vices” and “Don’t See Ghosts” released almost a year apart. Formed in 1995 as Hinge, after a couple of EPs they were signed to Roadrunner Records for “The Darker

Interview: Dry Kill Logic talk to Heavy New York!

One of the highlights of the Nu-Metal era remains “The Darker Side of Nonsense” by Dry Kill Logic. 19 years and two albums on from that and the Westchester County New York residents have dropped a pair of singles in “Vices” and “Don’t See Ghosts” that have shown that the band still have the hunger

NEWS: Dry Kill Logic share their “Vices”!

It may have taken 13 years but complete with an animated video from Carl Whitbread, Dry Kill Logic have shared their previously promised new song “Vices”! It appears through various comments from the band on their social media platforms that they intend on releasing more singles rather that dropping an album at any time in

Throwback: “Paper Tiger” from Dry Kill Logic!

In celebration of the news last week on The PRP that Dry Kill Logic will be returning on 6th September with a brand new single entitled “Vices” after an absence of the better part of 13 years, we’ve decided to bring back the Westchester County New York bruisers for a second time around! Having previously

Throwback: “Nightmare” by Dry Kill Logic!

Westchester County New York quartet formerly known as Hinge and forced to rename due to another band of the same name, Dry Kill Logic were picked up by Roadrunner Records and dropped “The Darker Side of Nonsense” in 2001 as their major label debut. It went on to shift 100,000 copies and see them join

Where Are They Now? #3 Dry Kill Logic

Formed circa 1995 in Westchester County, New York as Hinge, Dry Kill Logic changed their name and rose to the main stage from humble beginnings. First creating their own label, Psychodrama Records upon which they released two EPs and spawned the unforgettable “Pork Chop Sandwich”. In 2000, they were picked up by Roadrunner Records for