Where Are They Now? #4: The Agony Scene

Tulsa Oklahoma’s The Agony Scene have taken the scenic route back to us with a cryptic video that suggests that the band will be making a statement of some kind on 25th April. To think that the band first toured Europe in 2005 with Lamb Of God & Devildriver is amazing given where those bands are now. The Agony Scene originally split after three albums (“The Agony Scene”, “The Darkest Red” & “Get Damned”) in 2008 and then  returned in 2014 for a handful of live shows. The final 2008 line-up, consisting of frontman Mike Williams, guitarists Chris Emmons & Brian Hodges, bassist Chris Rye were joined by drummer Brent Masters who had exited the band in 2006. In 2016, the announcement that the band were recording didn’t come as a surprise and the news they decided to forgo the original plan to record an EP and go full length album was fantastic news. It’s been nearly a year since that announcement, so let’s see what they have for is in a couple of days!

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