Where Are They Now? #2 Gift Giver

Detroit, Michigan Nu-Deathcore crew Gift Giver astounded when they switched from their previous Deathcore sound to a heavier version of Nu-Metal with Deathcore leanings for their third album “White Devil” in 2016. Having already received plenty of attention for previous effort “Sh*t Life” and being signed to Centry Media after infamously being turned away by Victory Records a year before their debut, things were looking up. Surviving the controversy around Bassist Troy Wilson’s exit from the band and using it as the fuel to fire the creation of “White Devil” was a masterstroke but having seemingly got over that hill the band have now remained quiet since February 2017. Here’s a cut from “Sh*t Life” featuring a guest vocal from Emmure‘s Frankie Palmeri, they call it “Loose Cannon”.

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