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Throwback: “Solar Flare Homicide” from Emmure!

It might still be early in 2024 but the anniversaries of seminal albums by our favourite artists are occurring as always with alarming regularity. Believe it or not, 15th February marked thirteen years since Victory Records distributed “Speaker Of The Dead“, the fourth album from Queen’s New York Nu-Deathcore outfit Emmure. Produced by Joey Sturgis

Bootleg: Emmure in San Antonio Texas!

After an extended hiatus which saw an EP and various guest appearances from guitarist Joshua Travis, American Deathcore outfit Emmure have emerged from the shadows to reign terror on the US before heading over to Europe in a rampage to the end of the year. After the 2021 departure of Josh Miller first to Spite

NEWS: Strike three for Signs of the Swarm with “Malady”!

A third single from the Josh Schroeder (Lorna Shore, King 810, Tallah) recorded, produced and mixed upcoming new album from Signs Of The Swarm has premiered in “Malady“. The Pittsburgh natives will see that unleashed by Century Media on 28th July with guests including Trivium mastermind Matthew K. Heafy, Joshua Travis (Emmure, Glass Cloud, The

NEWS: Fit For A King. Emmure. Gloom In The Corner. Thrown. December.

As things begin hitting up for the summer festivals another big tour trek has been announced. “The Hell We Create Tour” will see Metalcore merchants Fit For A King drag Emmure, Gloom In The Corner and Thrown kicking and screaming across the killing floor in December and there will be six opportunities to catch the

NEWS: Signs Of The Swam find an all new low?

Freshly signed to Century Media, Deathcore titans Signs of the Swarm have dropped a stand alone single titled “Amongst the Low & Empty” complete with a music video directed by Joey Durango. Curiously enough the cut has a couple of impressive credits having been produced, mixed and mastered by Josh Schroeder (Ov Sulfur, Lorna Shore,

Bootleg: Darko US live in session!

Where they find the time between the demands of Spite and Chelsea Grin remains a mystery but Tom Barber and Josh “Baby J” Miller’s project Darko US remains as prolific as ever since it’s inception. While CaliberTV are referring to this newly released session video as live in the studio, it boasts audio Mixed and

NEWS: Distant tag team in 16 guest vocalists for “Argent Justice”!

Rising Deathcore enthusiasts Distant have continued to prove Century Media correct in signing them with the release of a new cut titled “Argent Justice“. It features no less than 16 guest vocalists, each of whom along with Alan Grnja have also contributed their own lyrics, the inspiration for which is said to have come from

Review: “Disquisition On An Execution” by The Last Ten Seconds Of Life

Having just wrapped up a US tour run with Cattle Decapitation on 1st March 2022, vocalist John Robert Centorrino, bassist Mike Menocker and drummer Steven Sanchez exited stage left from Mansfield Pennsylvanian Downtempo Deathcore collective The Last Ten Seconds Of Life without explanation, leaving guitarist Wyatt McLaughlin holding the baby. Only the thinnest of statements

NEWS: Darko begin the evolution?

It seems a little strange that your side project would be releasing singles while your main squeeze was doing likewise but Darko have dropped a music video for “Evolving” that features a guest appearance from Shaolin G amidst the first singles from the new Chelsea Grin double album “Suffer In Heaven / Suffer In Hell“.

Review: “Darkest Corners” by Buried Under Sky

A new project from a group of 90s Connecticut Metallic Hardcore scene veterans, Buried Under Sky have more scars than most when it comes to Metal. Having no desire to be the fastest, hardest or heaviest while sharing a love for dueling melodies and powerful rhythms, instead in “Darkest Corners” they promise to have made