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Bootleg: “Mars Attacks” from Darko!

There has become an almost will they, won’t they when it comes to Emmure drummer Josh Miller and Chelsea Grin vocalist Tom Barber with Darko, such is the quality of the material they’ve been putting together and the love for it, we could see them turning this into their main deal and not just a

Riff Police! Pull Over! #160: Emmure Vs KoRn!

Celebrating the first anniversary of their album “Hindsight“, Deathcore collective Emmure unveiled a previously unreleased track entitled “Sons of Medusa“, a short, sharp and brutally heavy number that was originally planned to serve as the introduction piece for the album, their second with guitarist Joshua Travis and drummer Josh Miller and first with bassist  Nicholas

NEWS: Emmure turn to stone with “Sons of Medusa”!

As their current album “Hindsight” has reached its first anniversary Emmure have shared a previously unreleased track from the album recording sessions. “Sons Of Medusa” was one that was considered as the album introduction piece and has been given a music video by Sam Beck. November will see the Deathcore collective tear up Europe on

Review: “Where Is Your God” by Vakora

Reading Berkshire residents Bernardo Graca (vocals), Nathan Jasiewicz (lead guitar), Reuben Sharp (rhythm guitar), Ben Campion-Bye (bass) and Matthew Parnell (drums) collectively form the Frankenstein’s Monster that is Vakora. Blending Beatdown Hardcore with Deathcore they did the hard yards as a live band before committing any of their material to tape having formed towards the tail

Review: “The Violence Sessions” by Kill The Imposter

Having pummeled the stages of Central Florida Metal Fest and Tampa DeathFest and played alongside heavy hitters such as Nile and Terrorizer, Orlando Florida quintet Kill The Imposter have had to spend some time working out who they are – and crutially – who they aren’t for their third release “The Violence Sessions“. The follow

Review: “Culling Culture” by Vexed

They say that good things come to those who wait and in the case of Hertfordshire heavyweights Vexed it seemed like the wait was taking forever. Ice ages had come and gone in the time between their pair of devastating singles which opened up the floor for them and it seemed, from a fans perspective

NEWS: TrueShot sing the nightmare of the “Deadbeat Lullaby”!

TrueShot maybe just as famous for their reaction videos as they are their actual music at this point but the Metalcore outfit have been able to get in some big guns for this new single “Deadbeat Lullaby” as they continue to build their empire. As if Matt Thomas of Ashtone Audio in the producers chair

Playthrough: “Pale Tongue” from Darko!

Following the detailed announcement about the soon to be released debut album from Darko who of course feature Emmure drummer Josh Miller and Chelsea Grin vocalist Tom Barber, the band have thrown a dedicated drum cam playthrough video for recent single “Pale Tongue” at us via Caliber TV. That means you can escape the tormented

NEWS: Darko take on a Tim Burton classic?!

Accompanied by a weird and disturbing music video directed by Norbert Crowfield that has nothing to do with Tim Burton’s 1996 science fiction movie of the same name, Darko have dropped another new track in “Mars Attacks“. The project that sees Chelsea Grin vocalist Tom Barber joined by Emmure drummer Josh Miller has been nothing

Vs. Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins? FIGHT! Recreant.

The revolving door saw Tom Barber switch Lorna Shore for Chelsea Grin as Alex Kohler exited stage left to deal with issues with alcohol. He went on to form Hip-Hop act Grudges, while CJ McCreary left Signs of the Swarm to replace Barber in Lorna Shore only to exit himself following various allegations before their