Throwback: “Solar Flare Homicide” from Emmure!

It might still be early in 2024 but the anniversaries of seminal albums by our favourite artists are occurring as always with alarming regularity. Believe it or not, 15th February marked thirteen years since Victory Records distributed “Speaker Of The Dead“, the fourth album from Queen’s New York Nu-Deathcore outfit Emmure. Produced by Joey Sturgis (The Acacia Strain, Attila, Asking Alexandria) who gave the album a crunchy, clean and crisp sound, it received mixed reviews from critics. The band added DJ scratches and bouncy guitars to give a Nu-Metal flair to cuts like “4 Poisons 3 Words“, enhancing the breakdown heavy orientation which they had previously received both praise and criticism for previously. Monstrous unclean vocals and rap screams found Frankie Palmeri throwing out lyrics on subjects ranging from breakups, social indifference and philosophy while metaphorically working in Street Fighter characters back stories to add to the madness. So we’ve picked “Solar Flare Homicide” from it to wish you a happy Monday.

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