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Riff Police! Pull Over! #160: Emmure Vs KoRn!

Celebrating the first anniversary of their album “Hindsight“, Deathcore collective Emmure unveiled a previously unreleased track entitled “Sons of Medusa“, a short, sharp and brutally heavy number that was originally planned to serve as the introduction piece for the album, their second with guitarist Joshua Travis and drummer Josh Miller and first with bassistĀ  Nicholas

NEWS: Emmure turn to stone with “Sons of Medusa”!

As their current album “Hindsight” has reached its first anniversary Emmure have shared a previously unreleased track from the album recording sessions. “Sons Of Medusa” was one that was considered as the album introduction piece and has been given a music video by Sam Beck. November will see the Deathcore collective tear up Europe on

Documentary: Emmure guitarist Joshua Travis delivers the riffs!

Ever wondered how Emmure guitarist Joshua Travis gets his recording done? In this latest tech demo video he hammers out some choice riffs using the Rode Procaster, NTR and NT1 microphones while using Audient ASP 880 preamps. The King of the 9 string strikes again, with tones recognisable over almost every other guitarist.

NEWS: Emmure premier animated video for “Thunder Mouth”!

Directed by Frankie Nasso, this animated video for “Thunder Mouth” from the new Emmure album “Hindsight” has surfaced. The album is a bleak and dark affair which has now been out a week and is yet to see a live show. Drummer Josh Miller has been using the time to record material with side project

Review: “Hindsight” by Emmure

After the resounding success of the Emmure combination of vocalist Frankie Palmeri with Glass Cloud trio Phil Lockett, Joshua Travis and Josh Miller that was 2017’s “Take A Look At Yourself” there was bound to be some fall out, if only because controversy seems to follow Palmeri around like a black cloud. So bassist Phil

NEWS: Emmure drop “I’ve Scene God” with “Hindsight” 14 days away!

Following “Pigs Ear“, “Gypsy Disco” and “Uncontrollable Descent“, a fourth single from the upcoming 26th June album from Emmure has appeared today with Sam Beck getting the credit for creating the official visualizer. The album goes by the name “Hindsight” and marks first album to feature new bassist Bassist Nicholas Pyatt while the single is

NEWS: Emmure enter “Uncontrollable Descent”!

After “Pigs Ear“, other than the announcement of a Patreon, things have been relatively quiet from the Emmure camp after the cancellation of the Impericon Festivals in April. The news from SharpTone Records is that Frankie Palmeri and the Glass Cloud boys have completed a new album entitled “Hindsight” which is set forĀ  a 26th