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NEWS: Gift Giver strike #4!

The run of singles from Detroit Michigan Nu-Metalcore merchants Gift Giver has reached its forth following “Damaged Goods“, “Active Shooter” and “Scumbag Pt. 4” since their return from the better part of a three year hiatus. The new song sees vocalist Justin Johnson deliver with a socially aware lyrical tear down on cancel culture called

NEWS: Gift Giver take “Scumbag” to another level with Part #4!

December 2019 and February 2020 saw a pair of brand new singles from Detroit Michigan Nu-Metalcore act Gift Giver after a two year hiatus, recording with Josh Schroeder (King 810, Varials) in the Production chair. If “Damaged Goods” and “Active Shooter” were impressive, then going back to their Deathcore roots for “Scumbag Pt. #4” is another beast

NEWS: Gift Giver drop “Active Shooter”!

…talking about anniversaries, a week after the 7th Anniversary of their “Daddy Issues” debut EP, Detroit Michigan Nu-Deathcore enthusiasts Gift Giver have returned with their second single since December 2019, the follow up to “Damaged Goods“. Going by the name “Active Shooter” it seems to have been recorded in the same sessions as the previous

Review: “Living Death” EP by Miscreant

Before signing to Stay Sick Recordings and releasing their current EP “Dancing With Fear“, you have to go back to May 2016 to find the debut EP from Nottingham residents Miscreant. The Nu-Metalcore quartet got a trio of interesting names on board for their debut, which was co-written, engineered and produced by George Christie, mixed

NEWS: Gift Giver return from hiatus with “Damaged Goods”!

14th February marked the 5 year anniversary of the debut EP “Daddy Issues” from Detroit Michigan Nu-Metalcore act Gift Giver and after a two year hiatus it looks as though they have been recording with Josh Schroeder (King 810, Varials) in the Production chair. The first output from those sessions is “Damaged Goods“, a brand

Where Are They Now? #2 Gift Giver

Detroit, Michigan Nu-Deathcore crew Gift Giver astounded when they switched from their previous Deathcore sound to a heavier version of Nu-Metal with Deathcore leanings for their third album “White Devil” in 2016. Having already received plenty of attention for previous effort “Sh*t Life” and being signed to Centry Media after infamously being turned away by

Review: “White Devil” by Gift Giver

The third full length album from Detroit Deathcore crew Gift Giver, “White Devil” hit the streets back in October 2016. Surrounded by controversy following the exit of their bassist Troy Wilson prior to recording the impact of which is heard on “Phobic” and “Scumbag Pt. 3” which hit up back to back in the first half of