Vs. Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins?! FIGHT!! “Bawitdaba” Edition!

Nearly 21 Years after it’s 1998 release, “Devil Without a Cause” by Kid Rock continues to sell having shifted 11,000,000 units in the US alone. The rap-rock-metal crossover album hit at the time of Nu-Metal approaching its height and saw Kid Rock record with his backing band Twisted Brown Trucker and DJ Uncle Kracker at the Mix Room in Los Angeles California at the same time as Eminem was mixing The Slim Shady LP. Depending on your stand point today, Kid Rock is either a sellout or someone who had a massive change of heart having gone completely down the Country music route since. So from that album we have single “Bawitdaba” done two ways…

First off by Nu-Deathcore crew Gift Giver who recorded their version while in the studio for what looks to be their third and final album “White Devil” in 2016. Having vocalist Justin Johnson fully embrace the rap vocal style on that album and hailing from Kid Rock’s home town of Detroit Michigan, it’s little wonder that they were influenced. Second up we have the band formed of former Emmure members Mikael Mulholland, Jesse Ketive & Mark Davis, drummer Marky Castillo (ex-Between The Buried And Me, ex-Emmure, Bury Your Dead) and ex-Defiler frontman Jacob Shaw. Their hilarious video for the track entitled “Dr. Phil’s Double Life As Kid Rock!” is really well done. Who Wins? You Decide!

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